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A successful trade fair weekend at the #Cosmetica in #messestuttgart is over and we would like to thank all our visitors for the opportunity to present you the highlights of our anniversary year.
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The right care for the male skin? Or is gender-specific cosmetics at all useful?

Cosmetics and facial/body care for men is an absolute trend and a matter of course today. Many have special skin care products for daily use at home and an increasing number of men also enjoy regularly treatments in a cosmetic institute.

The cosmetics manufacturers naturally have recognized the trend and added skin care products specifically tailored for the needs of male skin to their product ranges. And it is not to be seen as an invention of clever marketing people aimed at encouraging men to buy cosmetic products. There are significant differences between women and men's skin and these skin care products for men take these differences into account to achieve the best possible result. In the JANSSEN COSMETICS product range, you will also find four excellent care products for men the MAN series.

The skin of men differs in some details to that of women already in structure and function. The hormone testosterone influences the formation and structure. Men's skin has more collagen and elastin, which makes the skin look much thicker and firmer. Men also have much more sebaceous glands and thus also more pores and they are also larger than women’s. The skin produces twice as much sebum, so it is also greasier and shiny and tends to suffer from impurities as well as acne in the younger years. The aging process of the men's skin is also very different from that of the women's skin. Signs of the aging in men are visible later, but the changes happen also faster. In men, the most severe sign of aging is muscle loss and saggy skin with tear-sacks and dark rings around the eyes, making a tired impression. Men also get wrinkles - later than women - but when they occur, they are usually deeper and very distinctive.

Also regular shaving is a major challenge for men's skin. An average man shaves around 16,000 times in his life. The skin becomes sensitive by the daily shave and reacts much faster, thus triggering irritations in the skin. Up to 40% of men struggle with skin problems caused by shaving, e.g. with blunt blades (wet shaving). It is always reasonable to shave in the same direction as hair growth, shaving in the opposite direction or in different directions can irritate the skin. Insufficient gliding on the skin can cause cuts, razor burn and pimples. In addition, after shaving you should make sure to moisture the skin.

The Soothing Balm ( from the MAN series by JANSSEN COSMETICS is the perfect product for this. The first thing you will notice about our Soothing Balm is its unique texture. The non-oily gel-lotion penetrates the skin immediately and leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness. Redness and irritations after shaving will diminish faster. An extra portion moisture hydrates the skin.

For further care in order to improve the skin regeneration and to increase its own protective abilities, we recommend the Energizing Hydro Gel ( ). It helps skin appear more attractive and protects it from premature aging. Minerals and vitamins from the sea provide much needed moisture. This unique product acts like a gel but has the texture of a cream. It is perfect choice for year round hydration. Great to add to the daily line-up!

Our anti-aging know-how for men is in the Face & Eye Vitalizer ( ). This moisture providing gel concentrate counteracts premature aging in two ways: it improves the visible epidermis with the help of Vitamin A and E and increases the density of the connective tissue of the dermis. The strengthened skin density provides a smoother and firmer skin. The Face & Eye Vitalizer is applied under the Energizing Hydro-Gel or the Soothing Balm for best results in the shortest possible time.

The perfect addition to the male facial care is our Long Lasting Deodorant, a deodorant with a mild spicy scent ( ). It is non-alcoholic, easy to apply and reliably prevents unpleasant body odors without leaving traces on the clothing.

For a beautiful and healthy skin, sufficient moisture is vital. Further deficits need to be balanced by the right skin care products to achieve smooth and vitalized complexion and JANSSEN COSMETICS offers the right products for sustainable and visible results. However, the most difficult part of men's skin care is probably to stick to a healthy and balanced lifestyle consisting of a good diet, plenty of healthy beverages and sufficient exercise. Do not smoke and avoid excessive intake of alcoholic drinks. All this, of course, affects the appearance and aging process in men, just as well as in women. A man who knows how to take care of himself always makes a good impression on the ladies.

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Fight aging now and show the summer ahead a fresh complexion – with the gift set VITAMIN BOOSTER full of Vitamin C!

The VITAMIN BOOSTER gift set, which is based on vitamin C phosphate, treats the forerunners of the skin-ageing process: dry wrinkles and fine skin lines. The combination of low and high molecular hyaluronic acid creates a noticeable smoothness of the skin and long-lasting improvement of the moisture levels in the top layers of the epidermis. VITAFORCE C SKIN COMPLEX and VITAFORCE C CREAM are highly active vitamin C products for treating the forerunners of the skin-ageing process. For a youthful, smooth and even skin.

Now in our online shop:

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Great training in Travemünde, Germany on 7 May 2017! We presented our specials for the cabin in the Maritim Strandhotel Travemünde and enjoyed a wonderful luch 115 m above the ground!

Thank you to all participants, it was an entertaining event with you!
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Today, we want to talk about the particularities of skin care for the more mature skin. Our skin care expert, Ms. Hannelore Thoma has the perfect care advice for the new needs of the 50+ skin.

Why is the 50th birthday such a big milestone for many women? What changes then really – am I now “old” and above all, what to do in order to avoid looking old? Inside, we often feel much younger and more energetic than the actual age.
First, it is important to know what happens in the body, how can I deal with these realities in a goal-oriented way and what is the essence of true beauty? Optical well-being is a combination of cosmetic treatments and relaxed attitude, so to speak an inner body care, as well as a healthy mental attitude.

The 50th birthday may be the milestone where you look critically in the mirror and see significantly more wrinkles, the skin has lost its firmness or the complexion looks pale and tired. Also certain features such as an increased pigmentation (age spots), couperose, or increased sensitivity may have appeared.
When you discover these things, don’t panic, there are ways to fight them and slow down the aging process. But it is important to act now and JANSSEN COSMETICS has the optimal care products for this. JANSSEN COSMETICS has extensive experience in the development of skin care products for the mature skin that make the improvements on the skin visible and strengthen the effect sustainably.

The first priority now is to revitalize the cell metabolism in the skin and strengthen the skin where it needs the most assistance from skin care products. Whatever we do, we need to keep an eye on decreasing estrogen levels in the post-menopausal phase, too. As a result of this decrease, the sebaceous glands reduce their natural lipid production. Also further processes in the extracellular matrix, in which the origin for the skin’s collagen structure as well as the hyaluronic acid are located, are underserved and must be supported. The subcutis (deepest layer of the skin) is less perfused, so less oxygen and nutrients reach the cells. This affects consequently also the upper layers of the skin. A reduced metabolism makes the skin thinner with age. This leads to a weaker resistance against exterior irritations, and wound healing is significantly slower.

As a means to boost cell metabolism, vitamin C and its derivatives as well as vitamin A derivatives (retinol), both have proven to improve the collagen production in the skin. Different peptides, as well as long- and short-chain hyaluronic acids are also important players in this process. Hyaluronic acid stimulates the metabolism of keratinocytes, which are the most important cells in the epidermis, the top layer of the skin.

Now is the time to strengthen your skin barrier with high-quality lipids. You recognize them immediately when they are well absorbed by the skin. Also very effective are lipids that are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, because they provide additional antioxidants and have skin soothing properties.

You should also add some preventive measures in your skin care concept. The so-called free radicals that are responsible for most of the damages are caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation, nicotine or inflammatory processes. Stress is also an important factor. Therefore, always pay attention to your work-life balance, healthy lifestyle and an appropriate sun protection. Your skin care should therefore always contain antioxidants providing vitamin A, E, C as well as polyphenols from plant extracts and isoflavones.

Unfortunately the basic routine consisting of cleansing, tonic, day/night cream is not enough anymore. For certain facial areas and specific skin needs you should consider some additional special products. Your eye area now definitely needs a specially focused care product, if you haven’t used one so far.

An (enzyme) peeling once or twice a week should also be on the care plan. A peeling removes the dead skin cells, which remain on the surface when the cell’s renewal process slows down.

Also a very important component in the care concept is a serum concentrate. The optimal balance between active ingredients and moisture (in the serum), lipids and auxiliary ingredients (in the cream) give the skin the protection and the firmness for the contours that it needs now.

In the spring and after the summer months, the skin is also grateful for an ampoule cure treatment (highly concentrated small active ingredient concentrates), which make improvements on and in the skin quickly visible.

For the cosmetically perfect care of the skin, you can rely entirely on the selected active ingredients and the know-how of JANSSEN COSMETICS, especially the the Skin Regeneration line made for the mature skin ( ). But please bear in mind that your skin is not only the result of a high-quality cosmetics, but also of the interior body care and a healthy mind, as mentioned at the beginning. Therefore, it is always advisable to do sports and move in the fresh air. Sleeping well and enough is also important. Avoid excessive sunbathing and make the Face Guard Advanced ( ) with a sun protection factor of 30 to your permanent skin care companion in order to prevent further age spots and wrinkles. Stopping smoking will soon show significant improvements on the skin surface, in addition to the positive aspects for your health. Make sure you have a balanced and healthy diet, as it ALWAYS reflects on the skin. Of course nobody can deny occasional small individual culinary sins, but permanent excessive intake of sugar and/or alcohol has drastic effects - both on the health and on the skin. And last but not least, the tried and tested rule of thumb - at least 2 liters of healthy liquids per day. Drink water or unsweetened green tea to remove toxins from the body and skin. A visit in the sauna every now and then also stimulates the exchange and the discharge of harmful substances from the body, stimulates the skin regeneration and improves the skin’s ability to store moisture.

And finally the most important thing: Accept aging with an inner serenity and cheerfulness. This is what I described at the beginning as the interior body care and a healthy mind. Do not try to look young at old age - but happy. This makes you look younger and especially beautiful in the eyes of the people around you.

Warmest regards, Hannelore Thoma (Product and Beauty Expert Janssen Cosmetic)
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Luxurious skin care for the best Mom in the world! The innovative anti-aging skincare concept from JANSSEN COSMETICS is luxury skincare at the highest level. Based on the latest results of anti-aging research, the new active ingredient concept gives the skin a unique revitalising treatment and an outstandingly indulgent experience. From the very first use the skin feels the unique effect of this luxurious premium care product.

The absolute highlight of this luxury range is an unprecedented anti-aging complex. The unique Platinum-MP-Complex visibly smooths the skin's surface while also having a deep, long-lasting effect on the skin's tissue. The double anti-aging effect makes eternal youth close enough to touch.

The Platinum-MP-Complex consists of three components:

Platinum, one of the rarest raw materials on earth, makes the skin feel noticeably better straight away. The skin appears refreshed and relaxed. The extremely effective high-tech peptide MatrixylTM Synthe‘6TM is extraordinarily effective at filling lines. The skin's texture is verifiably smoother, lines are filled from the inside and the skin's substance sustainably built up.

The multi-active silk acacia extract also reduces visible signs of fatigue, such as dark circles, puffiness and haggard facial skin, giving the skin its youthful radiance back.

This high-performance active ingredient concept is supplemented by selected ingredients with verified effectiveness, depending on the skin's needs. Extracts of Acmella oleracea (Gatuline® Expression) and manioc root (Instensyl®) lift and smooth the skin in a targeted way. Sumptuous vegetable lipids from mango and shea, cupuacu and macadamia nut care for the skin and give it a delicate protective layer.

The luxurious texture and elegant scent are a treat for the skin and the senses. Pigment-based diffusers support the skin's natural radiance and make it more beautiful in seconds – PLATINUM CARE is the very pinnacle of anti-aging care products.


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Our Aquatense Moisture Gel+ is among the featured moisturizers in the Game Changers section of this month’s Dermascope Magazine!

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On April 24th - 25th we held a Seminar with 11 clients from Romania and our distribution partner Mrs. Irina Petrescu / Ecovital Romania Ecovital Kosmetik in our training centre in Aachen.

The Topic was our Platinum Care Luxury Line!

We say a great thank you to our Romanian clients for their active work and for their enthusiasm for the Janssen Cosmetics brand!

#platinumcare #webeautifytheworld
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