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I did a trial run of a few gyms around my area. I was looking for as place that challenged me while I learned an art -- and maybe someday I will fight too, that would be fun! Anyway, after testing out a few places that didn't really push me I walked into Wai Kru. My first day was a Thursday. They told me to jump in the ring with a jump rope, then we do some abs and legs, then we do some practices. After we work technique we do a rigorous ab workout. I was sore for three days after my first day, now I can get back to the gym next day and I've only been going for three weeks. If you are looking for a place to push you, this place will do the trick. I'm relatively new to the gym, but I haven't seen anyone at the gym act in a behavior that Drew described. They can be rough around the edges when they tell you to pick up the pace, or if they think your giving less than 100%; but I haven't seen any name calling or personal attacks. During my last class a bigger man was at the gym who couldn't keep up during abs and was going to walk out, but the trainer convinced him to stay and just do as many as he could and finish the workout -- he did. Drew, I read that you didn't want to throw punches at a Muay Thai gym, you think the women there aren't able, and you "realized your trainer was a moron." I'm thinking the problem probably wasn't Wai Kru.
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