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Eden Pyrithea
SQUIRREL PRIDE! Wait, what'd you say?
SQUIRREL PRIDE! Wait, what'd you say?


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A Little Bit of Loneliness, A Little Bit of Disregard
        Hi, y’all!  Sorry I was silent for so long….  I just never really had anything to talk about prior to now (or the time to write about it thanks to my very crazy schedule).  Brief update: I’ve had issues, I’ve had progress, I’ve had fun.  But now’s n...

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A Furiously Happy Book Review--One That I Hope to Bloggess that Jenny Is Reading
Some tunes to listen to if you wanted….. a playlist ! Yays!              After the previous blog post , I feel this urge to apologize for freaking people out with my possibly-withdrawal-induced feelings of depression and hopelessness where I felt the need ...

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An Honest Letter to Myself (KLEENEX ALERT!)
Apologies for the long absence. Life happened. It usually does. Not to mention that the evil Writer's Block just stopped me for a few months …..I couldn't figure out ANYTHING to write about. So, I guess I owe you a brief update: attended the Pennsylvani...

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A Weird Conversation Between Myself and My Depression/Anxiety (An Update)
       Hi, y'all!  Sorry for failing to post for so long....  I've been nuts as of lately.  How?  Like this: Me: Looks around  "Dammit!  I've fucked up and now it's time to fix everything.  No more extremely slow downward spiral for me!" cracks knuckles...

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The Star Wars Universe Wars
for not posting anything as of lately. 
I've been quite busy with life.  I
had to be out in public and get a new laptop of my own and new headphones and
stuff.  (What?!  I want to blend in with the background, to
make it impossible for y'a...

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A Second Existential Crisis: The Scary Question About the Human Race
            Yeah!  A new blog post!  Wanna think about it?  Try my Psybient Chillscape playlist that is a couple of days and a few minutes long in total playtime!  Chillax a ton!  Expand your consciousness!   Huh? 
Oh, no, wait, it's a blog post, not an aci...

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HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! or Lunar New year! it's gonna be a baaaaad year this year! LOL!

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An Open Letter to Adam Savage of MythBusters and Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures
            This is a
letter directed mainly to both Adam and Zak in regards to the "online
controversy" that occurred on January 8th, which I sort of covered in my previous blog post that was published that evening.  It's also, in some way, directed to all...
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