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Crit Sandvich is pleased to announce its foray into Google Plus. This page will extend our Steam group and provide easier links to the servers. Please feel free to send us feedback and let us know what you think of our servers. And share this group with any friends you know who also enjoy CSn! Thanks!
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Wooo, csn
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Don't run, it's just ham!
Crit Sandvich is an open TF2 gaming community. Join us, wear the CSn| tag. Everyone is welcome!
Make sure to check us out at We support douchebag-free gaming! Stay as long as you'd like. Our reserved slots never kick anyone!

Have a few bucks to spare? Support us and get some cool, non-game changing benefits.
  • End round immunity with particle effects. Become immune to regular players, and show off your support with special effects. 
  • Reserved slot. Always get into a full server. Note, our reserved slots never kick anyone! 
  • Custom death cam message. Leave a custom text message in enemies death-cam. (Type !msg in chat)
  • Custom, NO DL required, playable sounds. (can bind them to any key.) 
  • Custom chat color, and special privileges on our website.
(more coming soon.)

TF2 (24 Slots) (Yes! The IPs can be what look like URLs!)
Click the link to join right now!
All slayboxes are have a customized map voting (with a wide variety of stock maps,) nominations, rtv, and alltalk.
Fun - Trade

Battlefield 3 <Ranked>