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+Brian Glick Sorry to bother you, but why is Google+ now displaying posts entirely out of order? I'm seeing posts from two days ago at the top of my stream, while posts made today are lost in the minutia of the past.

Is this a bug, a "feature", or some crazy fold in the fabric of space-time?
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Hey guys - we are always experimenting with ways of bringing the most relevant posts to the top. If we got it wrong, please let us know via Feedback. Thanks!
+Brian Glick should I use "Feedback" to suggest that this be made optional, with the other option being "newest posts first" (the way we're sort-of used to doing things)?

Really appreciate you getting back to me on this (you're the best kind of developers... because you guys listen)
Ben Zaitz
+Brian Glick I think you've got it wrong. I've seen a lot of people complaining about this. Some are even considering leaving plus over it, which is very sad indeed.
+Ben Zaitz well perhaps instead of foolishly jumping the gun, people should do as Brian suggests and submit feedback so they know what the general consensus is :)
I sent feedback the other day and so did a number of other people who contributed to the post where I botched about this.
My only wish, as it says in my feedback, is that we be allowed to enable/disable relevancy and chronological.
I don't want G+ to choose on my behalf at all. It is ruining my experience here completely. 
Well, I have confidence that Google has heard us... and that their team of awesome web dev ninjas will make it all good :)
+Brian Glick I'll send some feedback, but G+ is essentially broken for me now. Don't decide relevance for me; you're never going to get it right. I want to see posts from people I don't know that well but that I'm following. I want them in chronological order so I can tell which ones came when.  I also want to see all of the posts if that's where I've got my slider set.
Keep it polite, guys. Brian's kind enough to follow up on queries like this... least we can all do is be thankful and respectful :)
Dear +Brian Glick please see what +Scott Anderson said above. I wish I could + a million that.

This new "feature" you're trying out is anything but. Also, from a marketing standpoint, the fact that you didn't tell anyone you were doing it, means no one was expecting it, and it looks like a bug.

Please turn it off. Today, if possible.
Thanks, guys. Feedback definitely heard. Please do send feedback using the Feedback tool so all the relevant people see it.
+Ben Zaitz Things began going in a heated direction... just wanted to pull it back in is all.
I guess the most annoying thing about this is that we've been given the ability to set our own relevance by choosing circles and setting the amount of posts we see, but that has all become (*ahem*) irrelevant now that Google has implemented its own relevance algorithm.
+Simon Stuart polite, definitely. I don't want to punish anyone for being helpful, I really, really appreciate it, +Brian Glick!!

Also, guys, I tried sending feedback on this issue five times from chrome, but it failed. It worked from Firefox straight away, so if you haven't yet, try switching browsers if you're having problems submitting feedback.

Yes this is not a feature... It's a headache. Every day I have to clear my app cache/data to get my posts back in chronological order ... but it doesn't last long. This isn't Facebook... Don't decide how we want to view our posts. 
+Brian Glick I really appreciate you dropping by to listen :)
We´ve been discussing this so much lately on different corners of Google+
For me all relevant posts are missing and the people that gave me the most in here with interesting topics seems to have vanished and disappeared? (even though I know they haven´t)
It has effected my activity here and I don´t spend as much time here as I used to do since it´s not that interesting anymore.
Thank you +Lise Bjerregaard Nielsen for the ping! :)
Is this called the "Facebook" sort method.

I looked at my friend list on Facebook and it's in random order. It is impossible to change the sort method. My brother reckons it is so it is harder for people to notice that others have unfriended them.
Please don't forget to submit these thoughts to Google+ via the "Feedback" system as Brian has said. I'm very confident they'll address the issue for us (that's what sets Google+ apart from the likes of Facebook and Twitter: within the realms of possibility, Google do seem to listen to us and consider our feedback seriously)
You can actually hit "@" to submit feedback from most places. Hidden protip!
+Brian Glick you must have more eyes and hands than a hindu goddess to keep track of all the messages that must come your way, buddy :)
+Eve A That seems a little intrusive given how often people want to use it - but feedback definitely noted about making it easier to get to.
+Brian Glick The new way to sort out the postings is really bad. The new algorithm isn't working for me - I miss all relevant posts from my friends.

Please turn the new feature off.
+Eve A it is always visible when your window is bigger than 1024 pixels (in the width).

+Brian Glick I've already sent the feedback before two days and also posted it here:
I can understand that such a filter could be helpful in the general stream but not in the stream of a specific circle. We have received the controls over the circles and should be able to handle them.
It is also very strange to see an "empty" stream because of a not announced experiment.
Such a filter should be opt-in since many users have worked on their personal way to use Google+, and I think I'm not the only one who has created circles where I want to see all posts of the people within this circle.
I will send feedback but this is truly dreadful. Frankly I don't want google telling me what is relevant. I have been using G+ since the beginning and I know just how I want to use it, I DO NOT want to have my experience second guessed by an algorithm that has no relevance for me and has, to put it mildly, ruined the g+ experience. I am really upset and so are an enormous number of people.
Well its awful I just want my stream to show everything as it happens instead of what you think is relavent make this an option 
I am utterly frustrated by this. Please fix it. We hate it
Okay, seriously... calm down people.
Clearly Google has been trying something new, and it's a rare miss for them. Submit your feedback, they do listen.

Brian Glick isn't personally or directly responsible for this, so please keep that in mind when typing your responses up :)
+Eve A no... it's just I can see how easy it would be for people to misinterpret the tone of what's being said, and possibly being insulted by it.
It's easy to avoid with just a little extra thought when typing.
I'm going with fold in the space-time continuum. 
Pat Kight
This is reminding me of why I've pretty much abandoned Facebook - a selective cherry-picking of my stream based on what someone else thinks I'm most interested in - which necessarily hides some of the low-volume people I'm actually interested in. I've already tweaked notification settings to get the mix I desire, and this breaks that. If the feature's that desirable, perhaps you could provide it as a tabbed option, rather than a replacement for how we choose to view our own streams.
+Bliss Morgan, +Susan Lewis, +Danial Hallock, +Clare Cosgrove, thought you might like to know about this post.

Is there a way to submit feedback without making what amounts to a completely useless screenshot?

I used to have a couple of circles set to always show all content posted by its inhabitants. That option has been removed, and now I see posts actually vanish from the All stream... posts that were made by people I do not want to miss any posts of.

Bring back the All posts appear in main stream option for circles, and you'll have a lot less complaints. The way it's going now makes things not appear at all, or disappear, and it's completely arbitrary... and really, really annoying.

Can we please be treated like adults that can make our own decisions about what we want to see? In the order things were originally posted?
Who said they had to be in chronological order? This feature allows posts to be seen that are relevant you, important, some awesome number formula said so.
Oh, right, all hail the awesome number formula, I forgot.

No, wait, hold up, back up the truck.

I am not a number!
Thanks +Mehdi Pieloor I am amazed that Google+ are even attempting this in the way they are.. one of the things that EVERYONE I ever have spoken to, was the Relevance Algorithm was something that NO_ONE wanted. It was one of things that we ALL hated on FB.

What we want is better notifications.. Feedback seems to be completely ignored on that score! 

What we want is to see the posts from the people in our circles.. at best in chronological order. I would actually love to have the ability to find post by looking at times of day. That would help me far more!

How can you possibly find relevancy if someone has more than a 1000 people circled that is utterly ridiculous! 

Feedback.. needs to change too... I have the feeling that that has turned into a blackhole... 
Sorry +Brian Glick, it may be nice to play around at Google headquarters like 5 year olds in the sandbox and to do some "experimenting with ways of bringing the most relevant posts to the top." as you wrote.
Nevertheless, I'm the ONLY ONE able to decide what's relevant for me. The last person who tried to do that on behalf of me was my father some 40 years ago and he failed miserably on it. Facebook tried it too and I left that service for that.
Did you move the feedback option. I have a lot to say but no where to say it
Man, that's a long way from being Number Six, isn't it, +Derek Ross? :-D

+Wolf Weber pretty much stated what I just said in someone else's thread: I one gets the feeling that changes are being made for the sake of change, with no valid (for the user base) reason.

Give a kid a toy, and by god, people will see him play.

+Brian Glick, how about the option is added to let the algorithm decide, and give us the default option to show what we want to see, in the order we prefer?

You know, lest G+ becomes the ghost town people are so keen on claiming it isn't?
Google+ has since launch been showing posts out of order. The chronological order is kept for the most part but some individual posts can be moved closer to the top if they suddenly are more relevant to you, like for instance if someone you often engage with has commented on a post.

Or at least that is the way it is supposed to work.

Recently more and more people have begun noticing that a lot of posts aren't showing up in neither the "All" stream nor the individual circle streams. One or two Google+ engineers have individually expressed that they are "investigating" the issue but no official statement has been made as to whether the hiding of posts is intentional or not.

I see this as a huge issue which greatly diminishes the value and usefulness of Google+. 
+Mehdi Pieloor maybe they try the 1 million monkeys on typewriters thing, hoping that some Shakespeare may come out in the end.
See, that's the kind of thing that comes across as insulting.

It looks like Google have been trying an experiement, it clearly hasn't worked out, and I'm sure they'll make it right based on the feedback they've recieved. That's how Google does things (it's why I have a Google+ account, and no Facebook account).
+Simon Stuart feedback? Are you referring to that link to /dev/null ??
And to be honest, it was meant to be insulting. Doing pre-Alpha-Testing of some random "experiments" in the wild isn't very professional imho.
It isn't "pre-Alpha" testing at all... the code DOES work, whether the results are what you wanted or not, therefore it cannot be "pre-Alpha".

It's also not a "random" experiment... it was merely a change to their original "relevance" algorithm.

At some point, tests have to go out into the wild in order for enough feedback to come in to determine the success or failure of an edeavour. It's not "unprofessional", it's just "process".

Now, if you were paying a license fee to use Google+, then fair enough... but we're not. It's an evolving system we have use for free, so we can't expect to exert demands over them when they try something out that we don't like.
What we can do (what we're entitled to do) is provide feedback informing them of the things we don't like, and the reasons why.

None of us have an inherent "right" to complain about something we're not paying to use. That is the insult! If you want the right to complain, pay a subscription fee :P
We pay ... not in coins but in creating content, adding value, promoting Google services unpaid, letting Google and its customers (the advertisers) track us, providing information Google otherwise would have to pay for and so on.
There is NOTHING for free here.
The flaw in your logic is that you presume that your content has value, that Google requires our promotion of them to generate profit, and that the information we post enables their advertisers to "track us".

Our content is worthless because talk is cheap.
Google is one of the three largest corporations in the world... they have every means of marketing they could ever want, they certainly don't need our help.
Google's advertisers don't advertise on Google+, and since there's absolutely no way to ensure the validity of the information we provide, using the information we do provide as a means of targeting advertisements would actually be the least successful way of targeting advertisements to the correct demographic.

Google is first and foremost a Search company, whose primary revenue streams continue to be Search (the mighty "keyword") and the Android platform.

My point is that we get more from Google+ than they get from our use of it. Let's just hope they don't realize that and drop it like they did Google Reader ;)
+Brian Glick Thank you for responding. I know you guys will sort this out. Besides, I am addicted to Google. xoxoxo
I bet you the feedback you get from users is next to nill. With all do respect, +Brian Glick the feedback button and its availability should be in areas where it catches the users eye. For example. A feed post is out of order due to the new algorithm. Put the "like this change. Give us feedback" button there. 

The feedback button is in such an obvious place that it is hidden. I just noticed where it is.
+Chris Lau then you should put out a post for your circlers telling them to post feedback, and how to do it... have them share it for the benefit of others.

I was going to say to share my post, but I don't want to self-promote (I have nothing to gain from you sharing my post anyway, of course. Not like I get paid per share or anything like that)
+Simon Stuart I just did so. I've got close to 20,000 followers and many more everywhere, so hope this gets people motivated in posting feedback. My instincts also drive me to post the problem them CC like this to the execs at google - tagging like this +Brian Glick -- but i'll refrain.

...btw Brian, are you missing Canada much? Blackberry's on their way back! Waterloo will be the tech icon of Canada once again!
+Brian Glick Pleeeease don't start down the same road as Facebook with their whole "we tell you what you want to see" attitude. If I choose to follow somebody, I want to see ALL she shares with me. Not only sometimes, or when it suits you, or what you deem to be "relevant". It IS as easy as that. Any change to that is NOT a feature. It's patronizing.
+Brian Glick I have used feedback, but from this post or my stream would force a worthless screenshot into the mix and it is a description that best serves my purpose.

Default in circle streams: chronological order
Option: by activity or relevence

Stream volume: ALL to few

That's it. I gave up long ago looking at my streams directly because of issues like this. All my people are in individual circles and I go to their profiles because I was missing out. Circles, the organizing tool, is great, but circles, the streaming posts, is making me do extra work to see carefully chosen postings.
I want to add my voice to the group that wants two things--

1) Add back "show me everything" to the stream filter options for a circle's posts. My family has missed posts of mine that they haven't previously. I now have to help them all turn on the notifications alert for their family circle to make sure they can see my posts. I like the less/standard/more tools--they're very useful. Just add in All as an option.

2) Chronological display of posts in the stream. Some small shifting can be ok, but not this much.
Time's Techland person wrote an article lamenting FB's new Replies feature, something that creates a relevancy for comment threads on pages:
Please, note how so-called "relevancy" in your business eyes makes sense, but for us users, is far less important.

Relevancy issues are important if something unexpected, like advertising, is being shown to us. That way, it might prove more welcome because it more and more closely matches our interests.

But with posts, we have already gone past that point and have decided that ALL of these posts are relevant to us, from one degree to another, and it is up to us to consider, through volume control, just how much of this we really want to see.

And we want to see it in the order published because, as Harry McCracken stated in his article regarding reordered comments, one "can’t shuffle the order without destroying context." Did anyone realize that this issue is what is bugging people?

We want our context intact.
+Ben Rogers "But with posts, we have already gone past that point and have decided that ALL of these posts are relevant to us, from one degree to another, and it is up to us to consider, through volume control, just how much of this we really want to see"

This very much! (Also, again, give us a "show me everything" volume control option)
+Brian Glick   Oh no. Do not go this way. Algorithm-based message ordering never works well--and I speak as someone who's been involved with online communities both as a user, sysop, and a designer since the Usenet and CompuServe days. There are better ideas on better ways of handling message threading, 
Hey guys - adding +Yonatan Zunger since there are some live issues going on right now that we're fixing - Yonatan can explain more.
+Brian Glick I have to hand it to you: 95 comments in and you're still monitoring the discussion. Whatever Google's paying you, you deserve a raise :P
Well, +Brian Glick is pretty awesome. :)

We had some bugs which were causing people's streams to be missing posts -- I can confirm that these were bugs, not intentional, and they should be resolved at this point. If you're still seeing things not working, please let me know.
+Yonatan Zunger as a first-generation Google+ user (meaning one of those from the early beta)... thank you, thank you, thank you!

I never used Facebook (hated everything about it).
I don't bother with Twitter anymore (140 chars isn't enough to thank people properly)
Google+ is my online home. You guys listen, you take advice, you address the issues honestly (which is more than can be said for other online services).

Can't sing your praises highly enough (and this isn't just a bunch of "brown-nosing"). It's rare we users get the opportunity to actually thank the developers, so on behalf of myself and anyone else who cares to show their agreement... thanks for Google+ :)
+Yonatan Zunger I'm still getting the same issues. I have three posts at the top of my stream that have been there since 2 hours ago or so, and nothing from less than an hour ago. Clearing cache and reloading didn't help. 

OT, I'm completely amused that I was following you without any inkling of what you did for a living. This part of G+ is definitely right: all architects should be out using the thing they're in charge of. :-)
I'm still having the same issues as well. The newest things I see are at least two hours old, most of it a lot older than that. Stuff from yesterday is right there and brand new posts aren't showing up at all.
+Yonatan Zunger unfortunately I'm still running from one or two posts from the last hour straight to posts from 7h ago. And weirdly enough refreshing the circle's stream (android app) gives me a completely different set of posts but with those I have the same problem that most are very old already...
Thanks for the great support! 
Thanks for linking me, +Armand Salmon, I thought I was going freakin crazy with this nonsense, this is the second or third time recently this weirdness has happened. Sad to know this was apparently intentional and I'm a bonafide lab rat, apparently.

+Yonatan Zunger, +Brian Glick, I submitted feedback earlier about this because I thought I was going crazy and, frankly I'm getting sick of muting posts having zero relevance to me just to see actual current content in chronological order. Can you imagine picking up a copy of your favorite newspaper, and it was full of content from years previously? That's what my feed is like. I'm coming in to see a feed of current events and spending most of my time muting people and posts left and right.

Algorithm totally not working with me. The top 50%+ of the posts bubbling up in my feed have zero relevance to me. The only way I can see content in any semi-chronological order right now is to search on common articles like a and the and sort by "most recent". This is ignorant to me, unintuitive piss poor UX.

I personally don't appreciate feeling like a guinea pig. It would have been more appropriate to offer this as an option. I've posted about this weird crap at least twice in the last two months or so when I saw it peeking through.

Seriously, can this be turned off, or at least give a toggle on the user side ASAP? If it continues to be this great of a challenge to see chronological content in my feed, I have no interest in sticking around to put up with it.

Whose selfish idea was it to deploy this silently with no clear user toggle ability?
+Jason Schwartz I'm always reluctant to use the big ol' mute button because I'm not sure if it also factors into the Relevance Algorithm O' Doomses in some fashion.
+Scott Anderson, that's just it: I don't really see another choice right now until its fixed. The only way I can see any semblance of semi-chronological relevant content is by selecting each individual circle. If you saw how polluted my All Circles feed has been the last two days, you laugh. It's either mute the post or un-circle people, really. If there are other options I'd love to know. Temporarily add all my circles into a new circle called Non-Google-Tainted and use that as my new All Circles? If its not fixed soon, I don't have much I can think of for alternate options. I'm missing things from people I want to see because Google thinks they know what I want to see... 
(Hard to be social on a social network when half of your content feed is years old and from people who haven't posted on G+ in months or years and/or less than a dozen posts, ever...)
but the similar kind of things i can see on facebook too...
Just when I was about to submit feedback, it worked again (when it asked me to highlight the problems in a screenshot). Go figure. I submitted it anyway.
This should be a non discussion. I haven't seen a single positive comment about this new system. I have personally seen hundreds of complaints and that's just me with less than 400 circled. Instead of "send feedback", how bout Google just admits it screwed the pooch on this one +Brian Glick and fixes it? 
Also, feedback submitted since I was asked nicely. :-P 
I submitted feedback and my streams are still stuck. :/
It's bad +Gisel Ocañas and lends more fuel to the "Google Plus is dead today" comments because the stream isn't chugging along like we're used to.
Not sure which far-off parallel universe they're flowing in, because I sure as hell seem to have the same virtual dam stuck right near the top of my feed of posts from several months or a year ago that's been there for the past several days, +Simon Stuart.  I'm dying over here.  I'm not seeing a significant percentage of new material, and still have the same old material floating to the top of my pile like poop in a toilet (or did as of ~0900h EST).  Every time I mute the stuff of no consequence, it seems like there's more old/unimportant stuff floating up. 
+Brian Glick I'm still having the same problem (on desktop atm). Old posts sit at the top, nothing is in any semblance of order. very frustrating. I've already sent feedback through the official channels.
I have to say, my stream is still all out of order and crazy. Still, "patience is a virtue, a virtue is a grace... if you are not graceful I'll punch you in the face" :P
It was a bug that kept the posts from updating. Check upstream in this comm. Yonatan posted it.
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