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I was just wondering if you might be the Plaku that I corresponded with by email back in 2003 or so. Have you ever used the name Ardian? My name is M. Gabrielle Legault but I also went by my first name then, which is Melinda, and my married name, Sellers.

I am the author of an historical fiction series called The Illyrian Chronicles set in 400 BCE. After years of research for these novels I feel I know something about Illyrian history but do no wish to be drawn into the fierce online debate about Illyrian heritage. I believe that archeological and genealogical evidence will contribute to more knowledge to this subject but to what end? The past is the past and people must learn to make peace with each other. A difficult thing to do, I understand, when people have to live with injustice.

I set out to write a story about people who, although they lived over 2000 years ago, were like us today, in that they too lived with injustice and treachery, but had to learn to see the broader perspective. In the end, peace is a spiritual calling, without regard to creed. Perhaps you would like to take a look at my novels? They are available online on Amazon. My website is
For a long time, I and my business partner have been desiring to have a place of our own (a physical bookstore, besides the online store) where we could serve our customers and continue to offer a var...
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great job for an ebook cover. Like the red ax with Red series, Intriguing. Glad to see someone else taking the self-publish route. My 3 books are on If you get a chance check out my covers. My son did them. He is an art student at the University of Oregon.

I will definitely take a look at you books. I am in school right now a bit overwhelmed with my work load and my own writing but it seems like you might be something my daughter would like. Keep writing
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Based on historical facts but the primary characters are fictitious. I have researched a lot about the Illyrian tribes of that time period and found it interesting that very little is written about them compared to the other cultures in the region at that time. I found them fascinating but I don't even know what prompted me to write about them except that I felt drawn to tell a story. I have tried to be as true to the factual information that I had available as I could be. I see you are a student and a very talented photographer. My husband is also a photographer and my oldest son is an artist. I'm sure they will want to share your posts.

M. Gabrielle Legault
Eugene Oregon
Waiting for Cascadia
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As usual, found Daniel hanging out in another dimension. Maybe it's less of a time-suck than Facebook which chooses to rearrange my posts when it updates so that I can never find the one I saw earlier without getting sucked back down the fb wormhole!!
Google+ works now! Can we all be done with Facebook now?
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Finally, NJ Mayor Cory Booker is stating the most obvious argument for gay marriage that there is under the U.S. constitution and he doesn't ever even have to say "gay", because in the end our constitution entitles ALL American citizens to equal rights. Or maybe we should just REVOKE ALL heterosexual married couples RIGHTS to file their income tax jointly, pay no inheritance taxes when a spouse dies, or many of the other federal monetary benefits that ALL OTHER Adult Citizens are entitled to when they are LEGALLY MARRIED. Would heterosexual couples want to just legislate that kind of equality? I don't think so...
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Dalai Lama originally shared:
There is a saying in Tibetan that “at the door of the miserable rich man sleeps the contented beggar.” The point of this saying is not that poverty is a virtue, but that happiness does not come from wealth, but from setting limits to one’s desires, and living within those limits with satisfaction.
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Think what would happen if your site was blocked because of who you happen to network with? And its only the beginning, if they can monitor our private online conversations then we will have a new Joe McCarthy blacklisting people in the name of Homeland Security. Where will it end!!!
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I am the author of the historical fiction series, The Illyrian Chronicles, which currently has three finished novels set in 400 BCE in Ancient Illyria.  "Where's that?" Geographically, think modern day Albania, but the culture of Ancient Illyria was surrounded and influenced by the Greeks and Macedonians, their nearest neighbors.  A fascinating people. Google The Illyrians for more.

The only other thing you need to know about me is that I love to read to escape into long ago times and far away places.  That said, I gotta go now....
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Preparing to launch the paperback editions of all three novels!! This incredulous feat accomplished amidst going back to college, getting my two youngest ready to fly the nest, and keeping the house from falling apart. Oh, did I mention I also write?
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