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Welcome to episode 11 of the RevoPT trainer tip of the week.
Our focus here is to give you an efficient warm up to perform before a strength session where you are working on an overhead pressing movement and a lower body compound lift. I know it's helped me with my muscle activation and body awareness before lifting and I hope you find this useful next time you're working out or visit us for a Pure Strength class.

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Episode 10 of the RevoPT trainer tip of the week is all about pressing accessories. We do a lot of bench press here at revopt but also we work on accessory exercises to build supporting muscles for maximum efforts in testing week. Here are a couple of examples of movements we use in our programming to help people get results! #trainwithpurpose #resultsfocused #revopt

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Check out this episode of the RevoPT trainer tip of the week.
Episode 2- focuses on hanging variations. This is a great way to work on your shoulder and thoracic mobility. Make sure you consult a trainer to get clearance as these exercises, whilst rewarding, can be strenuous. #trainertip #revopt #mobility

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Sam is one of the hardest working members of our community here at Revolution Personal Training.

He juggles a busy work and home life and still makes his health a priority.

Working through a few Rugby related injuries hasn't slowed him down and we have been able to effectively get him back up to a solid level of fitness quickly.

Thank you for all of the hard work you put in here at #RevoPT. You're a great role model to others.

If you'd like to join Sam training in one of our small group training classes just reach out as we'd love to have you on board.

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RevoPT Trainer Tip of The Week.
Focusing on your lunging position and overhead stability.
Tune in for some key pointers on how to remain balanced during your strength training.

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This weeks @RevoPT Trainer Tip Of The Week from Nathan Mcculloch​ is all about building the strength and flexibility of your hamstrings.

If you're someone that finds they have a weak lower back or constant hamstring tightness this might be something to work on.

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One of our favourites, Brenden, let's everyone know why he continues to choose RevoPT to help him to get the best out of himself.

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Why I choose Revolution Personal Training #3 - with Peter Watts 🙌
We all love having this legend as part of our community and here's why he chooses to be such a big part of it, year after year.
We all really appreciate your support Pete. 👍
*with a quick cameo from CEO Jack.

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Jane Erbacher gave us al the finer points on exactly how to best use the Concept 2 Ski Erg

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This week on the RevoPT trainer tip of the week we have focused on deadlifts.
We've noticed a really common problem is getting people to hold their shoulders back and down during their deadlifts and therefore we are fixing rounded shoulders quite a lot in our strength classes.
This tip is trying to help with that and is something you can easily add into your warm up for deadlifts to make sure you keep the barbell nice and close to your body and your back locked on.

Try it out and let us know what you think!
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