Life is NOT FAIR!!!


Your clothes are torn or missing buttons, your plastic sandals are held together by tape, there are fleas jumping on your feet, mosquitoes biting you, there is sewage in the streets outside your home and you live in a room made up of corrugated metal sheets. 

While on the other side of the barbed wires is group of photographer wearing clothes with Nike logos, boots to protect their feet from the fleas/sewage, mosquitoes that magically avoid them, expensive camera gear, iphones and more...

And at this time you cant help but to think to yourself: LIFE IS JUST NOT FAIR!!

I am not a photo journalist...but while taking this photos I couldn't help but think about the emotions she may have experienced while we were photographing her. Feel free to share your experience. 

FYI: This photo was taken in the Barrio (Slums) of Nicaragua on our recent trip there. #tglnicaragua , +Empowerment International, +The Giving Lens 

Enjoy & Share.
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