Strike the Pose, Everglades National Park, FL
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This multicolored heron was in perfect position holding very still to catch his food, when an wandering alligator disturbed is concentration and scared the fish away. I never did get to see him catch his fish.

How was this image created?
The usual blue colors you see in this image is all natural....and NOT caused by a polarizer or photoshop. So how did the water turn so blue? All the light reflecting on the water was bounced away from me...why? Because I took this shot early in the morning when the angle of the sun was low and the light was very directional. So, the only thing I could see on the water was reflection of clear blue skies. Additionally to expose the subject properly, the parts of the image that were in shade (along with the reflections on the water) were under exposed. This gave the water a deep rich blue color.

I was standing on a bank that prevented the light from reaching the heron's feet for at least another 10-20 minutes.

Enjoy & Share after all it is #WildlifeWednesday
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