Arc of Life, Olympic National Forest, WA
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Can trees grow in arc shapes? They can in Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National park were more than 100 inches of rain falls every year and every inch of surface gets covered with vegetation. There are plants growing on top of other plants, growing on top of other plants. Often times the tree branches get heavy with moss and leaves and form these arcs.

How was this image created?
I find it very difficult to compose in a forest because things are so close together...Forests are often times too cluttered. In this photograph I attempted to isolate the arcs by using an uniform but contrasting (wrt to the arc) background of similarly sized vertical trees. I had to wander around in the forest to find this composition. I took this shot in between rain showers where the soft overcast light made the spring leaves glow.

For #treetuesday curated by +Christina Lawrie, +Shannon S. Myers

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