Of Silver & Gold, Cuyahoga National Park, OH - #WaterfallWednesday, - #PhotographyWorkflow, #howtophotograph

I realized that I did not have may fall color photos in my gallery on G+...so here is an attempt to change that. I drive past this place everyday to work and on one such occasion I noticed the fall colors were at their peak...next day I stopped by and took this shot from a small ledge.

How was this image created?

I choose to avoid sky because it would be over exposed and used a zoom lens to select the composition that filled the frame with colors. The key to this image was the fall season.

Question: What would happen to the colors I were to take this shot in Winter?

This photograph is featured in great details in our Waterfall Workflow Series ebook and in our Vibrant Colors eBook. The workflow series ebook goes in great details about decision on composition and white balance and it includes pre-processed photographs.

Here is a free tutorial to photograph fall colors: http://www.photographybyvarina.com/photography/tutorials/photographing-fall-colors

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