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High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs...People either love it or hate it and some just mute the post when they hear about HDR :-))). Most obvious use of HDR is to manage extreme tonal range as seen in the image from Grand Canyon.

The question often come up "When is it necessary to manage tonal?" In today's world it is more often than we would like. I have used iHDR workflow (manual blending workflow developed by +Varina Patel and I) to capture images in total Darkness with light painting, during middle of afternoon at Yellowstone & Glacier, to photograph birds in Everglades, at Moraine Lake in Canada and the list goes on.

I have arranged first 30 images in this album to showcase High Dynamic Range images. How many would you have recognized at being a high dynamic range images?

Here is a brief overview of iHDR workflow: http://www.photographybyvarina.com/photography/videos/ihdr-workflow-overview

Enjoy & Share.
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