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Justin bieber apparently says hes never coming back to the uk, he says on twitter "there all rumors i love the uk i hate the papparazzi they get in my way i want to be free and live my dream but they make so many rumors" justin bieber the sensation whoes just turned 19 says birmingham nia 27/2/13 was his best concert yet as lauren and ellie bestfriends where sobbing ther heart out as justin left also the way throuth the concert they got to stand by his coach.

Lauren on the way to the concert.
as lauren saw everyone screaming for justin to come out his coach Lauren said "we need to get out and started screaming soon then she had to wait ages in the que but it was worth it she loves justin with all her heart the bigggest fan yet.

Justin bieber no.1 fan crys over him when leaving concert screams whil hes in his coach on the floor 13year old lauren A gets angry becasue of all hate of justin shes says leve justin alone he wants to live hs dream like we do he can do what he wants,hes a popstar we got our rites and hes got his,he can smoke like nearly everyone in the U.K does so leve justin alone lauren says "i love justin hes my one and only idol and i wish he'd see me for once i wished that for my birthday hopfully that will come true".

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