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Christina H.
Mom of 3 and wife to a great guy. Homesteading a little farm in the beautiful Black Hills.
Mom of 3 and wife to a great guy. Homesteading a little farm in the beautiful Black Hills.

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Planting a Tree
I finally finished my Master Gardener classes!  My final took my six hours to finish... that's right, 6 long hours!   I learned a lot about everything gardening, but only scratched the tip of the iceberg.  The information is endless, but it's so fun learnin...

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Beef Tips with Gravy
Best beef tips I've ever had.  I don't have pictures, supper didn't last long.  Next time I make this, and I WILL make this again, I will add pictures. 2 lb. stew meat 1 cup beef broth 1/4 cup chopped onion 2 tbsp flour Marinade 1/4 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup Wo...

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Chicken Coops and Fences
This little white building has sat on our property since we moved here, filled with junk and other things that we didn't want to deal with.  With stucco walls crumbling and boarded up windows, it was time for this eyesore to go. I have been wanting a broode...

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Glenda's Ranch - Calving 2016
My sister and her hubby's 2016 nursery.   Some of the ladies are very protective.  This girl did not like me getting close. Others are much friendlier. Are you my baby?   These cows are still in the calving lot waiting to calve. See the hoofs?  Two pointing...

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Soil Testing
 You can have the healthiest seedlings, but if you plant them in poor soil you're going to be disappointed.  Trust me.  Last year I had the most beautiful zucchini.   Months I waited.... and waited.... and waited. When they finally started to develop, I was...

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One of the Best things about Chickens
 I could go on and on about why I love my chickens.  They gives eggs, they control bugs, they are fun to watch run around the barnyard.  My favorite thing...   Composted Manure! This stuff is about two years old.  I use a homemade sifter to keep out feather...

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Well, well, well...
WELL!!! I want to shout it from the rooftop, we are finally getting our well! After four years of hauling every drop of water we use, the ball is finally rolling to get a well dug.  Money was the biggest obstacle in the way of that ball.  Water ain't cheap ...

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2016 Goals
Last year was a somewhat slow year on the homestead. We put up more fencing around the property.  The goal is to divide it up into 4 smaller pastures for rotational grazing and for when we wean calves.  Last summer we were finally able to keep the cows out ...

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Goodbye Old Friend
It was bound to happen here on our little farm. Last weekend my dear Molly died. She died from what I now suspect was a LDA, aka "Twisted Stomach".  She hadn't been acting right and was hardly eating or drinking.  She was quite bloated, so I called the vet ...

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Winter Routines
 It's been pretty boring around here.  Same routine pretty much every day.  Wake up, get ready for work, feed animals, work, supper, feed animals, bed.  On the advice of our vet, I'm not milking Molly right now.  Her body condition is OK considering she's g...
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