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OH Yeah!
A Caturday-Eve for You!

In case you miss your favorite caturday, here's one for you now!

#caturday #awesomeness #Catjujitsu  
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Duncan Gillespie

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Great! I have been mucking round for weeks to get authorship  set up for +Ronnie Srour from +CBD Locksmiths Still not working right!  Anyone care to take a look??

Off to read the post in a minute..
Google Authorship Troubleshooting Post Promoted to Moz Main Blog

My first-ever post for the +Moz user-contributed YouMoz blog, which was published there a couple of days ago, was just promoted to the main Moz blog!

Only posts that get lots of engagement from the Moz community and beyond get chosen for the main blog. I consider this a huge honor and definitely the high moment of my content creation career so far.

Thanks to all of you who shared and engaged with the article, and thanks to the wonderful folks at +Moz for this opportunity!

If you haven't read the post yet, please do! Find it at The article explores how misattribution of authorship can occur on a multi-author blog, and recommends some best practices to avoid problems.
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AUthorship is working but now having issues with local search!  :)
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Duncan Gillespie

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Circle me!
Core Circle Grows - Circles In Circles
Still amazed, still shocked, still growing!  In the last 5 days Core Circle has gone from 0 to 107 active members and continues to gain momentum with multiple mentions, shares and ripples across Google Plus.  This seriously has the makings of something that is ready to explode!

Now, you might be asking, what's next and where do we go from here?!? Great questions!

As you now know Core Circle is about creating segmented circles of interest within a circle so that you have the opportunity to REALLY get to know those in the circle.  You become and stay active in Core Circle through simple engagement (+1, Sharing & Comments) and living out the 'Give Before You Get' mantra.

But, what happens when things start to get big, what about keeping it manageable? Today, I want to introduce you to the next part of Core Circle. Circles In Circles.

Circles In Circles creates the strongest way you can connect with other members in a meaningful way.  It simplifies the "oh my goodness there as so many members!!!" into a bite sized, "Wow, this is easy to get to know each other!" It also allows room for growth for the larger Core Circle as more Circles In Circles are formed.

Now what does this mean for you?  Below you will see a list of individuals in 5 separate groups named Pandas, Penguins, Turtles, Squirrels and Whales. If you are part of Core Circle Panda, then I would ask that you follow, share and comment on your group's content first, before you go onto the next Circles In Circles group.  I know you are all highly active on google plus, so it might not take you long to go through one group, so feel free to engage on several!

Naming Your Circles In Circles
I know that 'Core Circle Panda' is a seriously boring name, so when you see your circle name, please comment below what you might want to name it.  Talk about it within your group to come up with something fun, interesting and exciting.

Wow, this post is getting long, almost done!

Core Circle Member Request
As a Core Circle Member all I ask is that you:
+1 this post
Follow other Core Circle members IN your Circles In Circles group
Share this Core Circle with your friends, family, and neighbors.
INVITE new members to join your Circles In Circles group. 

Non-Core Circle Member Request
While you are not YET a member, you can become one by:
+1 this post
Follow Core Circle members
Share this Core Circle with your friends, family, and neighbors.
ASK to join a Circles In Circles group.

Core Circle Active Member List

The Pandas (see comment below for list)

The Penguins (see comment below for list)

The Squirrels (see comment below for list)

The Turtles (see comment below for list)

The Whales (see comment below for list)

Wrap Up
I know this has been an epic post, but I hope that I conveyed well the message of Core Circle and Circles In Circles.  Remember, it's about giving back folks and it's not as hard as it seems!

Thanks to all you for making this a great experience for everyone involved!!!

Go Core Circle & welcome Circles In Circles groups!

#corecircle   #circlesincircles

P.S. Interested in helping with Core Circle more?  I will need some help soon.  Let me know if you have some time to assist with things as they grow.
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Me to Duncan, it seems like it is a slow build right now, but for having a small following, I am very pleased with the results!
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Duncan Gillespie

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I'm in!
Welcome To Core Circle

If you are reading this it is because someone thought of you enough to include you in on something that is very interesting, exciting and fun.  They wanted to introduce you to individuals who share the passion for giving before you get and engaging with like-minded individuals.  Welcome to Core Circle!

Core Circle is a member-driven group that is designed to help form new circles by categorizing individuals based on interest, desires, and passions.  Maybe you like sports?  What about art?  How about dogs, music and books?  Well, that is why you are getting this message to help connect you with engaged, like-minded individuals within similar interests. 


The person sharing this post with you has recently shared with me what their interests, desires and passions are, while I assure you I am hardly an interesting, exciting and fun person, they are!

Before I get to the list, I did want to outline what I am asking of you today.  I promise you it isn't much and you'll be glad you did when you start connecting, engaging and sharing with others of a like mind and interest.

Core Circle Member
You're in!  Isn't that great!!!  Here is what I am asking of you as a Core Circle Member
+1 this post
Follow other Core Circle members
Share this circle with your friends, family, and strange neighbors.
When following someone, +1, share or engage with them on 1 - 2 posts.

Non-Core Circle Member
First, thanks for taking time to read this far, it really does mean a lot to me and the other members!  While you are not YET a member, there are a couple of things you can do to change that.
+1 this post
Follow Core Circle members
Share this circle with your friends, family, and strange neighbors. (we all have them, they need friends too!)
When following someone, +1, share or engage with them on 1 - 2 posts.

Overall, everyone have FUN! When you give before you get in Core Circle, something happens in your heart and mind.  You truly start to engage with individuals, making connections and sharing the most interesting stuff in the group.  I think you'll agree that is very interesting, exciting and fun.

Core Circle Member List
The following Core Circle Members shared with me what their interests, desires and passions are and I wanted to now share this with you.  Please remember that these are real people, looking for connections and great content that is worth sharing and engaging with.

*Some have shared their pages and sites, which I am passing on to you.  Their views and what they express on these pages and sites are their own and not respentative of this circle or google plus. Had to say it! :)

+Dr. Tammy Cashion - Connecting with others
+Emma Clark - Books & Content
+Richard Lee - Cool Pictures
+Michael Knowles - Images & Music
+Jack Otto Kristensen - Marketing - +Cavalius Research / Marketing
+Michael Nelson - Business Success -
+James Twigg  - Safety -
+Olena Melnyk - Photography
+Stacey Anderson -
+robin dudek - Dogs
+Donna Beckett - Connecting with others -
+Phil Davis - Writing -
+ShopBakersNook - Baking - mmmm cupcakes!
+Petra Honecker - Connecting with others
+L.S. Cody - Art/graphic design, and fantasy/sci-fi
+S Oborowsky - Blogging, writing, authors or reading
+Matthew Shuey - Web Dev, WordPress, seo, and Google plus
+Mario Falcetti - Photos, technology, and science
+Howard Grill - Photography
+Raina SmallTownRunner - Running
+Hallie Guilfoyle - Inward Growth
+Jim Wilbur - Seems like a smart guy - connect with him.
+Aditya Nath Jha - Motivation - +Inspire2Rise
+Akinola Emmanuel - Books
+Rusty Ferguson - Fears penguins and pandas, Inward Growth
+Matthew Stephenson - Connecting with others - +RentItToday
+Fay Handstock - Art, Music Connecting
+Brandy O'Grady - Connecting +MommySplurge 
+György Molnár - Connecting
+Daniel Mihai Popescu - Interesting Guy
+Anthony Castelli - Child Safety -
+Jason Levy - Connecting - +The London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic
+Alket Bibe - Travel & Tourism
+Brian Bradley
+Lance Fields
+John Toumpis
+Heather Barber
+Peter Gregg
+Roger Abella Queralt
+Jason Wiley
+Nationwide Transport Services
+Anthony Mena
+David A. Martinez
+Julz Fox
+Shang Heng Wei
+Carlos Esteban
+Chris Dreyer 

Finally, THANK YOU to everyone that took time to be part of this.  Your heart and passion are what drive Core Circle and I am so happy to have gotten to know some many of you already.

Finally, finally, if by chance I missed adding someone (yep, I'm human) and their interest, desire or passion, kindly remind me below in the comments.

Happy connecting!

#circlesharing     #sharedcircles   #circles #corecircle  
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Every time I log into Google Analytics.
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Lets do this thing!
Core Circle Give Back Day

Wow, you guys really amazed me yesterday with all the comments, +1s and sharing you did of this post and in so doing growing the Core Circle Member List.  I wasn't expecting this response.  You guys really shocked me!  You lived out the give before you get belief and that definitely created something  interesting, exciting and fun!!!  THANK YOU!

Well today is less about promoting externally and more about engaging internally.  It's not about how many times you share this post, but engaging with fellow Core Circle Members.  It's not about how many more people are added to the larger group but getting to know those already around us.  Today it's Give Back Day!

Everyone loves to be in groups, but what they don't like about them is that they get boring, stagnant and curmudgeon (had to look up the spelling on that one!). This is also known as, no one is reading my content, people never talk to me and when was the last time I got a +1 for that awesome #caturday pic I shared!!! Waaah!  Crying aside, I think we can all relate, but Core Circle is not about that!

As members of Core Circle, you get this, you know it's important, now it's time to act and so this is what I am asking of you.

Core Circle Members
Today, I am asking you to do 13 simple things today for 5 other #corecircle members. I promise you this won't take much time, it will enrich your day as you get to share and engage with some pretty awesome people in Core Circle.

1. Please follow 5 members in Core Circle adding them to your own "Core Circle" group. (if you already follow the Core Circle members ignore this step)
2. Please +1 at least 1 post on each Core Circle member you added.
3. Please share at least 1 post from 1 of the new Core Circle members you added, publicly.
4. Please comment below and list the names of the 5 people you followed and engaged with.
5. Please have fun! 

Non-Core Circle Members
If you are here today and found this post or someone shared it with you, you can join the party, but you won't be added to the main Core Circle until next week.

Core Circle Member List
This is the list of actively engaged Core Circle Members that over the last several days has engaged in some form or fashion with me and the entire Core Circle.  Please remember that these are real people, looking for connections and great content that is worth sharing and engaging with.

Some have shared their pages and sites, which I am passing on to you.  Their views and what they express on these pages and sites are their own and not representative of this circle or google plus. Had to say it! :)

+Abdulaziz Alangari  - Connecting
+Aditya Nath Jha  - Motivation - +Inspire2Rise 
+AJB Holidays  - Connecting
+Akinola Emmanuel  - Books
+Alket Bibe  - Travel & Tourism
+Andrew Macintyre  - Connecting
+Anthony Castelli  - Child Safety -
+Anthony Mena  - Connecting
+Brandy O'Grady  - Connecting - +MommySplurge 
+Brian Bradley  - Connecting
+Bruno Meneghetti  - Connecting
+Carey St. Hilaire  - Connecting
+Chris Dreyer  - Law Firm Marketing
+Claude A Robinson III  - German Shepherds, cats, gadgets -
+Cody James  - Connecting
+D Trewick  - Promo Videos
+Daniel Mihai Popescu  - Connecting
+Darren R  - Music, funny posts, inspirational quotes 
+David A. Martinez  - Connecting
+David James  - Connecting
+David Oldenburg  - Real Estate & Mortgage Blogger
+Dirk Talamasca  - Connecting
+Donna Beckett  - social media marketing -
+Dr. Tammy Cashion  - Connecting
+EderMina Bargados  - Music, photography, nature
+Emma Clark  - Books & Content
+Faith Kaltenbach  - Connecting
+Fay Handstock  - Art, Music, Connecting
+Gideon Gunabe  - Music, performing arts, Club Life
+György Molnár  - Connecting
+Hallie Guilfoyle  - Inward Growth
+Hazel Payne  - Connecting
+Heather Barber  - Connecting
+Howard Grill  - Photography
+Jack Otto Kristensen  - Marketing - +Cavalius Research / Marketing 
+James Bernard  - Connecting
+James Molet  - Personal Finances
+James Twigg  - Safety -
+Jason Levy  - Connecting - +The London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic
+Jeniffer Naitore  - Connecting
+Jim Wilbur  - Connecting
+John Toumpis  - Connecting
+Julz Fox  - Connecting
+Kate Kruz  - Personal Change, self help and inspiration
+Kristina F  - Connecting
+L.S. Cody  - Connecting
+Lance Fields  - Connecting
+Mario Falcetti  - Photos, technology, and science
+Matthew Shuey  - Web Dev, WordPress, seo, and Google plus
+Matthew Stephenson  - Connecting - +RentItToday 
+Meresha Cube  - Connecting
+michael burton  - Connecting
+Michael Knowles  - Images & Music
+Michael Nelson  - Business Success -
+Nationwide Transport Services  - Connecting
+Olena Melnyk  - Photography
+Petra Honecker  - Connecting
+Phil Davis  - Writing -
+Philipp Osteroth  - Connecting
+Raina SmallTownRunner  - Running
+Ramesh Balasundaram  - Connecting
+Renan Carvalho Bonetto  - Connecting
+Rich Miller  - Connecting
+Richard Lee  - Cool Pictures
+robin dudek  - Dogs
+Rusty Ferguson  - Fears penguins and pandas, Inward Growth
+S Oborowsky  - Blogging, writing, authors or reading
+Sean O'Hara  - Connecting
+ShopBakersNook  - Baking
+Stacey Anderson  - Connecting
+Steve Pittman  - Connecting
+sunny lai  - Connecting
+Talal Belhoul  - Connecting
+Tali V  - Connecting
+Torben Colding  - Connecting
+Total Car Shipping  - Connecting
+Peter Gregg  - Connecting
+Roger Abella Queralt  - Connecting
+Jason Wiley  - Connecting
+Shang Heng Wei  - Connecting
+Carlos Esteban  - Connecting
+joyce leahy  - Hawaiian plant species, coral reefs, land
+Nolan Thompson  - snowboarding, social media, MLMs -

Wrap Up
As was shared early on, Core Circle was formed with the guiding principle 'give before you get', because that idea alone has the power to change the way people think, feel and respond to life.  So, what I am really asking you to do today is make a difference in someone else's life, and you can do it simply by following, +1ing, sharing and engaging with others!

This post is public, but please feel no obligation to share it with others, today is Give Back Day, all about getting to know those that you already have a connection with!!!

Thanks and have a great time engaging!

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I work in the wonderfull world of web. In particular SEO but these days thats a pretty broad field. But Im less on the tech side still learning of course and loving it!!
Wordpress, SEO, Link-building
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    Wordpress web design and internet marketing company
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sao paulo - timaru - london - sydney - melbourne - Brisbane - Gold coast - Perth - Adelaide
All about learning the ropes online (and offline),

Thanks for having a look at my profile, I'm interested in a lot of things, politics, marketing, spirtuality, business, hip-hop , community stuff , colaboration , start-ups ,web design, SEO, Copywriting.
I am currently living in Brisbane and enjoying it.

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More things to be ashamed of than to brag about I'm afraid maybe my awesome girlfriend would count love you Caty
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Dean and the team at Lighcore have been great to work with. Thanks for the professional advice and service guys!
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Awesome selection and staff are really helpfull + new rug looks great in the lounge!!!
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