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Writer, dreamer, reader, blogger, teacher, musician
Writer, dreamer, reader, blogger, teacher, musician

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It's been a while, but I finally managed a #ReadersReview ! This one is a book I picked up a while back... and only just NOW got around to reading it!

It's a wonderfully unassuming book--I started out more than a little confused, and not a whole lot curious... but by the third chapter, I couldn't read it fast enough!

"If you enjoy classic medieval-style fantasy settings, unexpected tales of twists and turns you don't see coming, with not-quite-heroes in circumstances ranging from dumb luck to very-near-prophetic predestination, and a heartfelt cast of characters that will burst to life in your imagination, you just might consider spending A SPELL IN THE COUNTRY."

#amreading #fantasy #classic #magic

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Episode 2 of #ClanofOutcasts is now LIVE!
I've decided that the character with the most nominations will be featured in the thumbnail--so if you really like the look of any character, make sure to nominate them for the thumbnail position!

Thanks to all those who participated in the nominations! I cull from comments as well as Likes/"+1"s/upvotes on the posts from Season 1 pertaining to each character--so even if you weren't able to participate in my poll (I think I'll make it public this next week! Sharing with my circles didn't turn out so well...) you are still eligible to vote as long as you are able to read the blog!

So, as far as the nominations went:
Aurelle, Rayne, Azelie, and Justin all got an even number of votes (which means a positive outcome), while Troy, Damaris, and Zayra got an odd number (negative outcome.) Score for the good guys this week! Characters like Velora, Erlis, Jade, the Twins, Korsan, and Edri all received one vote--which means only minor participation in the action, and the outcome for them depends on the outcome projected for the characters they interact with. That left Jaran, Beren, and Denahlia who got no votes at all... so I merely continued the action from the previous posts, and also gave their fellow characters the outcome earned by the nominations.

This is what the nominations do, my friends! You have great power over the story; will Jade and the protagonists continue to succeed, or will Troy gain the upper hand and plunge the Realm back into chaos? YOU decide! Nominate daily to rack up the tallies for the characters you enjoy the most!
#Serialsaturday #amwriting #fantasypunk  

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WOOHOO!! Ironic how the shortest month of the year also became my first success, as far as the #WIPofTheMonth challenge goes! #TheWaterMan is now officially COMPLETE, and I'm moving on to a short story for a tribute anthology--more details, and a snazzy-fresh mock cover inside! Check them out! #amwriting #amreading #wattpad #shortstory #sciencefiction #fantasy  

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PRINCESS OF UNDERSEA is a fantasy re-telling of The Little Mermaid.

Love fantasy? Mermaids? Magic and adventure? Look no further! This fun and fanciful tale is sure to inspire your imagination with fresh new twists and rekindle the old nostalgia of childhood with its homage to the classic story.

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the "published author" scene, though I have been writing pretty constantly over the last decade, and running a writing blog for the last four, which also features reviews of indie works I've read!

My book, "Princess of Undersea" is a fantasy re-telling of "The Little Mermaid", and it's available on Amazon. :)

Meanwhile, feel free to check out my blog, "The Upstream Writer." 

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And here we have it! The farthest excerpt I ever got in #ProfessionalIntegrity , the novel I started writing based on the book of #Daniel . It comes right after last week's excerpt, "Kill Order." I will say that, upon hearing the passage this morning in church, I am not entirely sure about the way I had the dream all written out, but that's something that I can deal with when I get around to finishing it. Enjoy! #amwriting #unfinishedbusiness #Rebible  

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Woohoo!! #ClanofOutcasts is back!

I'm calling this "Season 2" because it's going to function by some different "rules." Season 1 worked out because I was able to plan the whole thing based on the various characters I could introduce. Now that it's done, we're moving on to a new phase in the story, and this time, I need some audience participation! PLEASE nominate the character (or characters) you think is/are the most interesting--and I'll use the number of nominations I get to help me decide the outcome of the next episode!
How does it work? An ODD number of nominations gets a NEGATIVE outcome. An EVEN number will prompt a POSITIVE outcome. A single-nominated character will warrant an outcome based on the number of nominations of the other characters in that location (but probably NEGATIVE because one is an ODD number...) As you will see in this "episode" a "positive" outcome doesn't necessarily mean good things for the protagonists... While Velora (protagonist) received two votes and therefore a positive outcome in her conversation with Justin, so did the Clissander twins (antagonists) ... which then meant the outcome for Erlis (who received one vote) was negative.

How To Nominate: All you have to do is read this installment and comment with the name of the character or characters you find most interesting. I would like as many nominations as possible by Wednesday, because that will give me time to piece together the next part. At this point, I'm not going to put a cap on how many times or how many characters you can nominate. Feel free to read through "Season 1" (linked at the bottom) to learn more about the characters, and nominate away!

#SerialSaturday #fantasypunk #flashfiction #amwriting  

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A fresh #ReBible excerpt today! Not that I recently wrote it or anything... this is still more from the 2015 National Novel Writing Month challenge, which I wrote, but never posted back in the day. It's a continuation of the "Kill Order" scene, based on Chapter 2 of the book of  #Daniel , which happens to also be the part of the Bible my pastor is preaching through just now. I only have a couple posts more beyond this, but I figured you all might enjoy revisiting this! Check out the "ReBible Series" tab on the blog for more excerpts from other installments!

Aaron felt Daniel slump beside him, but his friend was usually a bit limp during moments of extreme, silent prayer, so he thought nothing of it till he heard Mike call out, “Dan!” just before the thud of Daniel’s body hitting the floor jerked everybody out of silent introspection. The three friends gathered around the prostrate body, chafing his hands and checking his pulse.
“He’s out of it,” Harry murmured, pulling up an eyelid and checking the pupils.
“Daniel? Can you hear me, Dan?” Aaron felt along the jugular vein. “He has a pulse.” He put his hand over his friend’s lips. “And I can still feel him breathing.”
“What happened?” Mike asked him. “One second he was praying, and the next, I look up and he’s totally passed out. Did he, like squeeze your hand or say anything to you before it happened?”
Aaron shook his head. “Man, I was sitting right next to him, and I had no warning. You know how floppy Dan gets when he prays!”
“Here, let’s get him up on the bed,” Mike suggested.
Together, the three friends hefted their companion onto Aaron’s bed. Harry kept calling his name.
“Daniel! Daniel! Wake up!”
“This is bad,” Aaron muttered. “His skin is really cold. What do we do if he doesn’t wake up?”
“Here,” Harry began tossing blankets from the other bed. “Try wrapping him with these.”
“Come on, Dan,” Mike said loudly, “Snap out of it!” He clapped his hands over Daniel’s face. His friend didn’t respond.

For three hours, the friends kept constant vigil, trying every remedy they could think of: strong smells, loud noises, everything short of administering medical injections, which they did not have access to. Daniel’s skin had gone pale, and his lips were deepening to a bluish-purple tint. Aaron still had his fingers over his wrist, under the blankets.

"Guys,” he said quietly. “I can’t feel a pulse.”

#Amwriting #scifi #speculativefiction

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WHEE!!! I am STILL reeling from this one--the first book in a NEW SERIES from +Ronnie Virdi! Still Urban Fantasy, still the same world as Vince Graves--but a WHOLE NEW cast of characters, and a delight of epic proportions!

"DANGEROUS WAYS blew me away... [reading it was] like a roundhouse kick to the feels-box!"

#amreading #urbanfantasy #magicandmayhem  
#booksofwinter #TBOW  

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Hey all! Remember the #WritersResolution I set last month? Yeah... so January was a bust... BUT I learned a thing or two and I'm aiming for a more productive February! Check it out! #amwriting #finishforward #WritingGoals #WIPofthemonth  
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