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Markus Kennedy Katey
Minister, Author, Peformance Coach
Minister, Author, Peformance Coach
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Identity theft: When one’s personal information is stolen and used by an imposter to gain an advantage.

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8 Ways to Protect Yourself Online
8 Ways to Protect Yourself Online Identity
theft:   When one’s personal
information is stolen and used by an imposter to gain an advantage. 1.        Don't share your passwords and change your password
often 2.        Avoid visiting fake sites, pornographic...

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Richard Bekyi Receives High Performance Recognition
We have said time and time over that outstanding is not the
same as normal—in fact they are opposites. This is actually a tautology of a
sort. But often even those who think they understand end up confusing the idea.
They have managed to convince themselves...

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Telling such an important story in only three minutes forced the team to think outside the proverbial box. We had to come up with a concept which will not only entertain but also inform and stimulate public interest. Vote for the only African entry at RODE REEL

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issue of woman abuse is not just a community problem. Neither is it a country
problem; it is a worldwide problem. Day in and day out, women are abused by men
who by the unwritten rubrics of marriage are supposed to protect, love and encourage
them. On K...

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When an angel shows up in the life of a family that has an unbeliever on one end and one who is not sure on the other, there is no telling what will happen. But if you throw in a couple of ampe-playing and somersaulting witches and set it all in an American city, you have a recipe for eternal intrigue—the mark of a masterpiece made possible only through high risk. Where everyone avoids risk, a masterpiece awaits to be born.

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Uncle Ebo pens an unusual blockbuster
I will tell you that uncle Ebo just crafted another blockbuster
but you will think I am exaggerating again. After all, the whole world knows by
now how I feel about Roverman products. I will however, attempt to discourage you
from allowing that thought to g...

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The extremely energetic mother of three has also featured in Apartment N1, What’s My Name, Unforgiven and Puppeteers—all Roverman productions. She says she is open to all opportunities in the future and would ultimately like to feature in a Tyler Perry production.

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Energetic Alison is Afia
There is no doubt that uncle
Ebo and his Roverman team has changed the game as far as stage plays go. They
have set the standards and they are not going back. While everyone agrees that
Mr. James Ebo Whyte is a great writer and certainly on his way to the t...
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