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Awesome 3D Painting
Would you want it in your living room? :)

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WOOT! Excited that Google is bringing back offline Gmail, plus Calendar and Docs!

Great job Google!

Tim Cook's message to his employees

Steve jobs really resigned...?

The UI Geniuses At Berg Rethink The Common Receipt | Co. Design

This Oslo Bombing/Utoya shooting really breaks my heart. After further research, they find that Anders Behring Breivik has been "characterized by officials as a right-wing extremist." and based on the article in yahoo news, he is "claiming he acted to save Europe from what he says is Muslim colonization". Why are we still fighting because of Religion when its purpose is to Unite us all? It makes me so sad

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thank you +Melissa Cabral for enlightening I feel like all of you that might be confused about Google+ can use some of this knowledge as well :)

woahhhhh google rocks my socks. now i really wanna work for them. like really.
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