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Red Squirrel - 10 Years On
Peter Trimming is the man taking the photograph. On his flickr site there are quite some more pictures. My stroke happened 4 years back. Today I am slowly getting much better. The car, is something from my past. My printer is something really useful, my...

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Boxing match in Headingley.

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Leeds Christmas Day
Leeds Christmas Day.

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Conkers on Woodhouse Moor
Picture: Lorne Campbell / Guzelian Students Kitty Harris (left),(22), and Ashleigh Hodge (23) enjoy a game of conkers in the warm weather on Woodhouse Moor in Leeds, West Yorkshire, on Friday. Both are studying at the University of Leeeds This photograph is...

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The Wrens Hotel
The Wrens Hotel is a small gastropub on the corner of two of Leeds city centre’s busiest streets, close to the Grand Theatre. It is also a real hotel with a handful of rooms to rent. The Wrens Hotel   61A New Briggate ,  Leeds   LS2 8JD

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3 Cranes
Latin name; Grus grus.  The BBC program breakfast spent yesterday on the Somerset lel vel on project crane.

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Fotomoto Support
Derek hello...

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A Happy Yorkshire Day
Yorkshire day. Picture of a view of Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire.

A snicket by its proper name - a ginnel, if you use these two your definately almost here.

Can incluse the following:
Snickleway (York)
Allee with an accent on the l...

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Dental Surgeons Otley
Walking through the small town of Otley, I passed this sign.

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