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George Tanner (GSam Labs)

GSam support for Android P is rolling out for Beta users. Please let me know any issues you may find!

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How to get full GSam stats without the root companion!

1) Connect your phone to your computer to establish an ADB session
2) Run the following command:
adb -d shell pm grant com.gsamlabs.bbm android.permission.BATTERY_STATS

NOTE: For the PRO version, change 'com.gsamlabs.bbm' to ''

3) Restart the app

You'll now have full access to the battery stats without needing the root companion app. This works on android L, M, and now N (but not KitKat).

For instructions on getting ADB setup and running a similar permission grant command, see the post from the Greenify developers:

Thanks to +Marley Kudiabor for pointing this out!

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Version 3.29 with Android-N support is rolling out to beta testers. In addition to basic compatibility work, it also adds support to track the new 'light' doze mode as well as the 'deep' doze mode introduced in Marshmallow. Send me your feedback as always - especially those running the N Preview 4.

Unfortunately, N has some issues...

1) The new notification mechanism has problems with the Ambient display. I have a bug opened for this - hopefully they'll get this resolved before the final release.

2) They've locked down security on the /proc filesystem so that GSam can no longer read individual apps CPU utilization. This is a pretty big deal - if you have the Root Companion app you won't be affected, but if you do not, you'll no longer be able to see which app is sucking all your CPU. I have a bug opened against Google for this that they currently have marked as a Feature request. I don't expect them to provide a fix for this unfortunately.

However, feel free to 'star' this bug, but PLEASE DO NOT comment on it as you'll just annoy the very developers we want to help us. Again, DO NOT COMMENT on the issue, simply hit that Star icon to show that this is important to you. Comments such as 'jeeze google, how could you do such a dumb thing' will NOT help, and will in fact hurt the cause.

3) The've locked down the ability to read the Current from the filesystem. It is still available for some devices elsewhere, but this radically limits what devices we can get Current readings from. Another developer opened an issue on this which is currently marked as a Defect - so I'm slightly hopeful that they might fix this.

Again - feel free to 'star' this bug, but PLEASE DO NOT comment on it.

A new beta version is rolling out - just bug fixes from the last one:

+ Keep track historically of how long you 'doze' (see the Held Awake screen)
+ Finnish Translation

Hopefully this will be good enough to roll out to the world - send me feedback if not!

5 free upgrades to Pro available!

I have 5 promo codes available that allow you to upgrade to the Pro version. To get one of these codes:

* You must be running Marshmallow
* Be one of the first 5 people to reply to this post with a screenshot of their Graph showing their Doze time...
* For those who already have Pro, you can still post and then give your promo code to a friend.

Good luck!

New version 3.28 rolling out to Beta users.

* Show 'Doze' details in 'Held Awake' detail section for Android M
* Show 'Doze' time in graph for Android M
* New graph for CPU Average Frequency and CPU Utilization average
* Add screen-on time option for the Dashclock widget
* Numerous bug fixes

Anybody with a Nexus 6P & Root Companion willing to try something out? I'm trying to pull bluetooth stats back in, but it will only work if the device itself supports bluetooth stat reporting - which supposedly the 6P does.

Send me an email and the version you need (free or pro) and I'll send you an updated version wth my test.

Thanks for all the beta testing - I've released the new version (3.27) live now to all users!

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I've released a new version of GSam to the beta channel. It primarily addresses Android 6 (Marshmallow).

* Full support for Marshmallow (Android M). This enables 6P (and other) users with the root companion.
* Serbian translation - thanks to Милован Кушаковић
* Permission request model for Marshmallow - you will be asked for each significant permission.
* Numerous bug fixes

Thanks all for being patient. This needed more than just a few hours of development to fix - and it was a few hours I didn't have until now.

I'll hopefully get a few new features out as well before the end of the year.

Version 3.23 rolling out to Beta users.  What's new?

For KitKat or later users who do NOT use the root companion app, stats will now be saved over device reboots.  So - if you are viewing stats 'Since Last Full Charge', then things won't reset to zero anymore after the phone reboots.  Once the charge reaches > 90% it will reset, but not until then.

Long requested function - feedback appreciated as to how well it's working!
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