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Wife, mother, friend, professor, SLP, quilter, reader, adventure lover, cat snuggler, wannabe author
I married my high school sweetheart in 1990, lived in the south all of my life until we moved to Wisconsin in 2007 to plant a church.I have two wonderful teenage boys, two bassets hounds, and a fickle cat. I am also a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in the Communicative Disorders Department. Things I love? Quilts (making them and snuggling under them), cats, rainy days, laughing, literature, hearty soups, artisan bread, travel, learning, passionate people, and adventure. Things I detest? Pretense, smacking, pessimists, wet toilet seats, and venison.
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First girl in my hometown to ever enter the soapbox derby and break the gender barrier
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Professor and Speech-Language Pathologist
Absolutely horrible! I took an old mechanical watch of my grandmother's there to be repaired. I was told that it needed a new part and that the part would be hard to find. The watch repair guy told me it would probably take about 3 months to find the part and repair the watch. I waited and called to check on the progress at 3 months. They couldn't even find my watch!! Apparently they have no hold button on the phone because I could hear the whole conversation, "It's not in the safe. Did you check here? Maybe it's over there," etc. They told me that they would need to call me back. I got a call back that they finally located my watch, but it still wasn't repaired because they couldn't find the part. I have a feeling that they never tried. I left the watch there because I mistakenly thought it was the only repair place in town. (It's not. Try Old Codger Watch Repair on Strongs Avenue). I forgot about it and finally called back after they had had my watch for about NINE MONTHS. It still was not repaired!! At that point, I told them to forget it. I would just mail it to a legitimate watch repair place. I told them I was coming to pick it up. When I got there, they tried to convince me to let them keep it and repair it. They also made a big deal about not charging me (for what? They didn't do anything except for lose my watch). I got my watch, went home...and realized that they had given me another antique watch. I didn't notice it at the store because: (1) It was my grandmother's watch and I had never worn it since when I had gotten it it wasn't working, (2) I hadn't seen it in almost a year, and (3) The watch they gave me was very similar in appearance. I had to go back to the store, return the watch they gave me, and get my watch back. My watch was in a million pieces that they had to put back together. They didn't seem embarrassed or concerned that they had given me the wrong watch. What if they had mistakenly given me a diamond watch worth a lot of money or someone's dearly loved sentimental watch and I never did notice the difference? What if I had left an expensive diamond with them that they lost and/or gave to the wrong person. I had an absolutely terrible experience and would never do business with Grubba Jewelers again. I should have been tipped off by the general disarray and messiness of the store.
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