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Kevin de Bie
Ingress: Kevinsky86 [ENL] formerly/voorheen Abramech
Ingress: Kevinsky86 [ENL] formerly/voorheen Abramech


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​Yesterday, about 150 Agents from both factions visited the NL1331E meetup in Den Haag, Netherlands. Nadia, who has been traveling with Ethan since Tallinn, has received a new flag to replace the one which was lost during their visit to Bratislava. Next NL1331E stops are Amsterdam and #EXO5 Anomaly in Berlin, where the tour will end.

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It was recently brought to our attention that a third-party site has allegedly used data from Ingress without our consent. Extracting, scraping, or indexing our services or content is a violation of the Ingress Terms of Service. Niantic does not condone the use of websites or methods that have done so.

We are evaluating all options to protect our users, our game, and our rights and will take further action where appropriate. We are also reviewing the long-term plan for the Guardian medal.

Ambassadors and trusted reporters alleged to have been involved in the recent activity have either voluntarily stepped down or will be excused from their roles.

Ingress is defined by the passionate players who enable amazing experiences. We ask that you continue to foster relationships and make Ingress a welcoming community within and outside the game.

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NL1331e Tour - The Hague Biocards!

A limited set of biocards will be given out at the NL1331e Event @ Musicon in The Hague. Eventpage:

This is a such a limited set that only the most awesome people will get it. How will you know you're part of this elite group? Get your ass to the event! The sets will be handed out on show of your scanner. 1 set per agent, after you show me your scanner.

Leftovers will be distributed to those who really want one, but couldn't be there. At a first come, first serve base.

Although we give away the sets, they did cost a few bucks. So beers to either +BOdenhaag or myself will be much appreciated. ;)

Want to reserve a set? PM me your ingamename in Telegram: @maringo. You can reserve a set for someone else, but they too have to be at the event.

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Wir haben auch ein tolles Bild aus München und Hannover,
danke an Zorig und AEC die es für uns so schön in die Kamera gehlten haben,
jetzt schnell auf registrieren!

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July 2nd 2017
Operation: (For lack of a better name) Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups.

Fields over Rotterdam: I lost count, 20-ish
MU-count/field: 975k
Total number of clearing teams: 19


“Say, I still have that Rotterdam cover shelved. When are we going to make those fields?”
“Don’t know, let’s see.. The 22nd of July?”
“Nah, I’ve got family business. How about the 2nd of July?”
“That would be doable I guess. Wait, isn’t there a First Saturday planned on that Sunday?”
“True, true. It starts when?”
“One o’clock.”
“Checkpoint is at 11. So, if we take it down before FS starts, there’s no harm done.”

And so it started. And we created our fields over Rotterdam. We didn’t anticipate on what we would unleash.

We farmed some keys, we farmed some more keys. We recruited some people and we recruited some more people. I even used the FS in my recruiting: “Are you planning to go to Schiedam? Maybe you want to get up a bit early? You can help us on your way, checkpoint is at 11h.”

On the morning of the 2nd of July the clearing started. It went quite smoothly at first, although the number of clearing teams meant the teams had to cover some distance. Later we encountered some resistance, be it a blue or a green blocker. But, around 10:15 am all hell broke loose. Agents started getting harassed in the comm.

“You pathetic losers! Are you going to field a FS? How sad can you get? How small is your penis?”
“Well, now you are showing your true colours. Pretending to enjoy xf-events, while you’re showing you’re willing to screw it up for everybody. You probably won’t be invited for any of those in the future”
“You know you are the most puked-on frog in the country now, right?”

During the OP those trolls were send to me by the agents involved in the operation. They asked me what to do. I told them to do nothing. Don’t react, just go on. I decided not to make contact with the offenders in the comm, because hey, we’re fielding and we don’t want to give our plans away. And we were going to take down the fields ourselves, so no harm would be done, right?

Just before checkpoint the fields came up. And I was happy. We scored! Not all fields were up at checkpoint, so we went on and we scored 4 Onyx Illuminator badges, while battling on two of the three anchors. And I was proud.

After the battle, I had a little chat with the RES-agent who came to the anchor I was on. He mentioned he had no bursters left. I told him not to worry, at 12:15pm I was going to take down the fields myself because of the FS. He thought it was a nice, sporty thing to do. He left and I went to a gas station to get something to drink. I came by bike and forgot to bring some from home, so I was rather thirsty. On returning at the anchors I waited a couple of minutes and as soon as I was able to I flipped the anchors of the field. Immediately after the flips I got in contact with one of the people who organized the FS and explained myself.

I told her none of the agents involved in creating the field knew what they were working on and I showed her the screenshot I took after taking down the field. She mentioned some people cancelled because of the fields. I felt sorry for that, I never intended that to happen.

But that conversation didn’t get through to any other agents (or so it seems). We went for the 11am checkpoint, but people assumed we were going to field the FS for the whole duration of the event, which started at one o’clock in the afternoon. So the trolling went on and on and on. Positive comments given on negative troll posts on G+ got deleted, just to get a message of hate pushed on easy believers. And I know this won’t get through either, because it is shown it won’t be believed when I say: WE ONLY WENT FOR THE CP!
Panic started three hours before the event in Schiedam started, so it must be true that we only tried to let the FS be a failure. And people went along in this panic.
I do feel sorry. I do feel sorry some agents cancelled and I do feel sorry for those who think trolling and calling names and verbally attacking or threatening agents based on an assumption is the best way to react.

I hope people understand I didn’t share any of the plans with the organisation of the FS at any time. That’s a no-go if you want to succeed. I hope people understand that the only people other than me who knew what we were going to do, were the two persons who did the operating for this operation. I hope people understand that attending a FS means: be a sport, have a good time, meet new people. It doesn’t mean: burning agents who are doing what the game is all about (scoring MU), burning them in public, calling them names in public or tell the other faction it’s pathetic.

Don’t assume. Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups (I’m keeping it decent, unlike some of the trolls).
Or, if you want to assume anything, assume I have the best interests for everybody. I won’t screw up an event that takes lots of effort and time to organize. I just want MU. Today, would the checkpoint have been at 13:00h, I wouldn’t have chosen it. Nor any other checkpoint during the FS.

Don’t assume, don’t screw up.
Just have fun!

(ps: I won't post any screenshots of the trolling. I won’t shame anyone.)






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// Operation Woodstock
// Situation Report

5 ENL field agents from central appalachia and one external operator collaborated on Friday, 13-JAN-2017 to execute Operation Woodstock. The multi-vertex play featured 18 portals at anchor sites in South Webster, OH, Princeton, WV and Woodstock, VA and covered Charleston, WV with 16 layers for a total of 7.5 million MU.

The operation succeeded in the primary objective of gaining Onyx Illuminator for agent ReddZepp. Congratulations agent! The secondary objective of making checkpoint failed due to the timely response of local Resistance agents and some unavoidable timing constraints that required executing the field well before the optimal window.

+Kathleen Vazquez-butterflyshadow
+Shane Alkire
+uc nobody
+Agent ReddZepp
+Agent SgDamage1

#CAP #AuroraProject #Ingress #Niantic #NianticOps
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