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A chance at winning 3 month supply of coffee...

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Another little starting preschool
 The day was easy and relaxed for a first day of preschool. We want to settle into our rhythm. My daughter Sevi was very excited to begin. She has seen her sisters and Brother go to school and I think she is secretly longing for it too. We started our day o...

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Counting down to Yule
he Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, is the
shortest day of the year and the longest night.  Scientifically, this is
fascinating, as every day after this gets longer!  In many Earth based
cultures, this important event represents the rebirth of the Su...

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A Bit of Magic
 Cross your middle fingers Stand upon your toes. That's a bit of magic, Not everybody knows. If you see a fairy, Do not make a noise; Fairies are suspicious, Of little girls and boys. Look! the magic's working! Hiding in the grass, Can't you see a Fairy? Di...

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Friendship Fridays!
Hello, to all my Friends ...
I would like to personally thank you all for all the support you have
given me over the past few months. I would like to introduce Friendship
Fridays to keep the inspiration going for everyone. On Friendship Fridays, I ask yo...

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Happiest Beltane wishes!
"Spring, the most welcome of seasons, comes yet very slowly. The spell of winter is hard to shake off. Catkins seem in no hurry to lengthen, a new shoot passes through a clod of earth but lingers, reluctant to rise in the cold air...

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Sending love
If something in your life isn't honoring you, then it simple doesn't
deserve a seat at your table. It is healthy to let go. Sherrie Campbell So what exactly is "honor." How is honor shown? How do others honor us
and how do we honor ourselves? I just had t...

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Free range child- Film sneak peak
Over Grow the System &  Films For Action present Free Range Child: A documentary and media project that examines
the connection between a child’s development and her or his connection
to the natural world and to food production.  It celebrates the lives o...

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Loving Mother Earth
Our Mother Earth is the source of all life , whether it be the
plants, the two-legged, four-legged, winged ones or human beings. The
Mother Earth is the greatest teacher, if we listen, observe and respect
her. When we live in harmony with the Mother Eart...
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