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Planimeter v4.1.0 Update: quick switch from Notes Mode to navigation to selected point

#planimeter   #googlemaps   #navigation   #android  
Planimeter v4.1.0 for Android extends recently introduced Notes Mode with a new feature. Now along with the ability to attach, edit and share notes for each point you can quickly switch to Google Maps and navigate to selected...
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Android version of Planimeter has been updated to v3.9.1. By popular demand Planimeter has been translated into Portuguese language. We would like to thank Leandro Sousa for the translation, help and support! Localizatio...
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Planimeter on Android has been updated with new Interactive Guide that contains short description of main  app features and controls. How it works:  - open Help from option menu  - swipe right or left to cycle through the gu...
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(!) IMPORTANT: THIS IS A GUIDE for popular "Planimeter - GPS Area Measure" ...
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Tools to make measurement on Google map manually and using GPS
Planimeter is a tool to measure distances and areas using google maps and GPS.
It is useful for outdoor activities, sports, field and farm work and planning.

The App has the following features:
  • - Accurate GPS distance measure, area measure, calculation
  • - Metric, Imperial units: m, km, ft, yard, mile, ha, acre
  • - Distance between cities / pins
  • - Angle between lines
  • - Navigation through points by touch
  • - GPS coordinates 
  • - Geo coordinate formats
  • - GPS accuracy settings
  • - Landscape Mode for large screen phones or tablets

  • - Manage KML : open, save, preview, share 
  • - Export data to Google Earth and Maps (KML)
  • - Share GPS coordinates as text message, KML, screenshot by email, Skype, Google Dive, Facebook, Google, Instagram and other social media installed on your device
  • - Save screenshot on SD

  • - Map/Satellite View
  • - Zoom and Edit points
  • - Location search with GPS and Network
  • - Add point by Address, ZIP code 

  • - Select points in Edit Mode
  • - Delete selected, all points
  • - Simplify Lines and Convex Area: smart path processing functions
  • - Fit-in, center points on screen 
  • - Add points by touch
  • - Target Mode: add points using target on screen
  • - Stylus Draw Mode
  • - GPS TRACKING feature
  • - Add current GPS / Network location
  • - add points with Latitude and Longitude coordinates
  • - Last point is auto centered - make it easy to use on scaled up map
  • - Show/hide lines
  • - Set GPS, search time, color theme

  • - Full screen mode (best for small devices)
  • - p2p distances
  • - Quick open in Google Earth (in-app purchase)
  • - Geo coords formats
  • - initial and back bearing / direction to point from previous one
  • - Magnifying Glass (ZOOM) in Edit Mode, Touch and Drawing for accurate pin position editing
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