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Utkarsh Patel
Mythologist, Writer, Speaker
Mythologist, Writer, Speaker

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that time of the year, when love is in the air, as goes the cliché. Today all
will be talking of love, love and more love. For the last five years or so, I
have been telling love stories in my Blog and thought I would do the same this
year, but then I ...

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Launching my second book, " Satyavati " the much forgotten and often sidelined woman from the epic Mahabharata who was responsible for changing the course of destiny of many a character in the epic! Check it out on the Readify app s...

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The Yadavian Conflict
Conflict between a father and a son is nothing new. See it from a
generational conflict or a conflict of times, one has seen many in history and
mythology. Freud has given a psychoanalytical interpretation to this conflict
and considers it to be innate in e...

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Happy New Year!!

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

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Why shouldn’t I complain?
As a child, if I fell
down and hurt myself or was upset about something and complained or cried, I
was stoically told to learn to bear it, sahan
karna sikho , and stop whining and complaining. Earlier, I was expected to
keep quiet as the ability to bear pai...

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Beneficiaries of the Uri Attack
If the title shocked you, then
welcome to the real world. Get out of the trolls and memes of the social media
which have been working overnight to provoke few seconds of patriotism and the
latest two bit of my-contribution-to-the society via internet-activi...

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Happy Diwali!

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Janamashtami - For the Love of God
First published in the August, 2016 issue of "Shubh-Yatra", the in-house publication of Air India

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Vadodara National Book Fair, 2016
Speaking at the Vadodara National Book Fair - On  Saturday, May 28,  at  6.10pm. You are welcome, along with your friends and relatives!! Utkarsh Patel
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