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OH Spin Class, how I've missed you. The pain, the suffering, the feeling of being a bad ass when I'm finished.

had a lot of fun yesterday, shopping, lunch with the hubby,got a new ceiling fan installed so I don't have to sleep in earplugs anymore, attended a beautiful wedding, picked up Diesel from his puppysitter, and he was exhausted. Best day ever!

Upside to having a puppy, you get to see the sunrise on a beautiful Saturday morning. Downside to having a puppy, you are up before dawn.

So Rex is never allowed to take Diesel for a walk by himself. The womenz love our dog.

Church, grocery store, lunch, hanging out this afternoon with the pup and in laws, then onto MIL ordination service. Kinda lazy sunday in between busyness.

is getting ready for a great relaxing day. Me and the Pup took a jog this morning, and now were hanging out until I can convince Rex its time to get up.
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