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Mitty Gallo (Cooking on DeVoe)
The Not-So-Secret Life of Mitty on DeVoe......
The Not-So-Secret Life of Mitty on DeVoe......

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the art of the broom
There was something about sweeping the rain water that pooled in the alley between our house and the Mahrs' that thrilled me.  I loved to go back all the way to the gates, sweep the water to where the alley began, I would push it with a enough force to get ...

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at the end of every hard day
You can't stop time, it just keeps rolling.  Sometimes you think that you are wise and know all there is, you don't.  There is no rhyme or reason, no matter how much you think it will be a certain expected way, it is going to change.  I thought if I held it...

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Wonderful Depths: flavor & intimacy
Not far from here, down in Bordentown is Mastoris' Diner.  It has a special lure, it is "cheesy bread".  No matter day or night, holiday or nothing you were served cheesy bread.  You perused the like 35 page menu, that one needed a magnifying glass, yeah th...

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out of the freezer
Hey now.  After a seriously long absence from blogging, cause Instagram is quick, I have a need to get back into the swing.  So by saying that here is just a small portion of what is going on in our kitchen: Our little garden & the bucket tomatoes add delic...

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wonderful depths
I am doing my thing.....

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doing summer things
The summer is the  perfect time to do outside things.  So early morning Farmers' markets, outdoor flea markets, and open Amish markets have been our weekly thing.  We make sure that we are home by late morning or early afternoon.  I have been trying new rec...

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Fine Art of Weeding
I can go to a store, okay my favorite three HomeGoods, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx, and shop for hours.  When I see something that intrigues me or I need or even think my family and I  need, I put it into my cart.  While perusing the aisles, not only do I look a...

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photos we keep
When I was fourteen I was gifted a Keystone 110 camera by my Mom & Dad for my birthday, that is when this love affair with a camera and photos took hold.  I love to look at them and take them, some of my faves has always been pictures of my family, truth be...

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Cooking on Goodall
Kiki called to tell me that all we needed to do was to go to their house I was elated.  The funny thing is that I felt lousy, not sick "lousy" but lazy "lousy".  I love to have the holidays, it is my thing, my shtick, my most wonderful "duty", my job.  I am...

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Sunshine felt like rain
It is Spring...Spring It is still a little too early to start planting, but not so early to do some serious cleaning.  I am giving a new method of chore doing a try.  I can't let my Cleaning ADD rule me anymore, so with the help of my timer I'm going to giv...
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