_Going through the bookshelves and storage and trimming the stuff I don't need. Many I have had for a long time, some all the way to "back in the day". _

[UPDATED: August 30, 2017. Four remaining items moved to top of list.]


Star Wars Collectible Sticker and Story Album Set by SkyBox (c) 1996

Starfire II & III by Task Force Games in original zip lock with punched chits, 3 maps, and 3 AD inserts - 2 catalogs & 1 for Star Fleet Battles minis

OGRE mini game in original plastic game box.Steve Jackson Games (c) 1977 Third Printing - With rules, maps, reference sheets, and punched chits.

Fire & Ice movie collaboration of Ralph Bakshi & Frank Frazetta (c) 2015


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Dungeon Master Guide - 10th printing - 1993 - Jeff Easley cover

Scouts & Assassins 2nd edition for Traveller by Paranoia Press - 2nd printing, Aug., 1981

Megatraveller box set, with Referee's Manual, Player's Manual, and Imperial Encyclopedia, Map of The Spinward Marches, and two original d6s with box. Includes 3 box inserts: game response card, AD for Challenge! magazine and AD vor The Traveller's Digest GDW (c) 1987

The Early Adventures from Digest Group Publications for use with Megatraveller (c) 1988 no printing date or edition

Megatraveller Rebellion Sourcebook by GDW (c) 1988

Megatraveller Referee's Companion by GDW (c)1988

The Walking Dead Dice Game Don't Look Back by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Gaslight A Victorian Era Fantasy Setting for Savage Worlds (c) 2009 & 2013

Monopoly - Star Trek Continuum Edition with 6 collectible pewter tokens (c) 2009

Gamma World 2nd Edition Boxed Set TSR (c) 1986: Rule Book, Adventure Book, Rules Supplement, Maps, GM screens, and photocopies of character sheets.
Signed by James M. Ward in 2016 at GaryCon 8. [I managed to get a first edition to replace the one I lost to a water leak long ago.]

Here is a Google Doc with Details:
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