I have four items remaining in my gaming related downsize pile. All prices include shipping. I included a link to an album with pictures, and a Google Doc with details.

$ 25 - Fire & Ice movie collaboration of Ralph Bakshi & Frank Frazetta (c) 2015

$60 - Starfire II & III by Task Force Games in original zip lock with punched chits, 3 maps, and 3 AD inserts - 2 catalogs & 1 for Star Fleet Battles minis

$100 - OGRE mini game in original plastic game box.Steve Jackson Games (c) 1977 Third Printing - With rules, maps, reference sheets, and punched chits.

SOLD! $10 : Star Wars Collectible Sticker and Story Album Set by SkyBox (c) 1996

Here is a Google Doc with Details:
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