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Per Pettersson
Consultant at Curamando
Consultant at Curamando


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SEMrush have updated and released their SEO Study 2.0 which contains interesting research, as well as completely new ideas when it comes down to ranking factors.

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Smarta Simo fortsätter att skriva smarta saker.
#GTMTips: Respect Opt-Out From Advertising And Analytics

My latest #GTMTips post uses my favorite Universal Analytics feature, customTask, to make it easy for you to block requests to Google Analytics and the DoubleClick redirect server in case certain conditions apply.

In the article, I use the example of analytics/advertising opt-out to govern whether the requests should be allowed to depart the website or not. But you could replace these with any conditions you like and the end result would be the same: conditional blocking of GA and DoubleClick requests.

#gde #blogpost #googletagmanager #googleanalytics

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Fun times at Curamando!
We are pleased to announce that Curamando has been awarded the prestigious nomination Di Gasell by the Swedish financial daily newspaper, Dagens Industri.

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Curamando Is A Partner Of Albert – AI-Driven Marketing

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Happy days! Got married on the 14th of October 2017 and now I belong to this gorgeous woman for the rest of my life.

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Om du planerar att besöka en konferens, låt mig få rekommendera BrightonSEO i, ja - du gissade rätt, Brighton.

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Ingen filterbubbla längre - första steget för att inte fastna i ett digital ekorrhjul.

Letar efter en junior SEOare att anställa och arbeta tillsammans med mig (och mina 64 kollegor, samt Conversionista). Kontoret ligger på Vasagatan 7 i Stockholm. Din tidigare erfarenhet spelar mindre roll jämfört med vad du vill göra och är intresserad av. Kille, tjej, ung eller gammal spelar mindre roll. Så länge du har en passion för söket.

Hör av dig!

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A Google Analytics Setup Checklist for Ecommerce
#measure #analytics #ecommerce

"Google Analytics is loaded with reports and has many settings that can be customized to enhance reporting. The following checklist is designed for ecommerce merchants. By using Google Analytics’ reporting capabilities, merchants can obtain the data to grow their business."
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