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B's forward Patrice Bergeron has been named one of three finalists for the 2011-12 Frank J. Selke Trophy
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Thank god for Sauguoen!!! Oh and sorry I spelt his name wrong!
segui,marchand,and bergie are prolly the best on the bruins i mean charas great too
Me too! And the little ball of hate… Marshon and Tim Thomas Lucic 
I don't hate them. The little ball of hate is sometimes what they call Marshand
No they will not loose! Don't doubt them… EVER!!!!!!
No ur wrong the rangers will not win!!! Boston is WAY better!!!
yeah the rangers might be 1 seed but i dont think there the defending champions
boston almost lost vs the caps and if theyre so good theyll win tomorow and if not then boston really does suck
rangers also almost lost. so don't count the bruins out just yet
i think the rangers are an amazing team but i still think that the rangers wont win game 7
i still dont think that boston will win game 7 either
i think Boston will win because they had a lot of experience last playoffs wining a game 7 under pressure.Also, i don't think the capitols will be able to handle the pressure especially how the last game ended and the momentum the bruins will bring to the game will just be to much for the capitols i think.
Bergeron deserves this award so much huge player this season for the B's.
tht was so sad tht they lost i almost cried ;(
thats y bruins lost cause they can t win again
No they lost because they were pressured and that last night wasn't their day/game.
Ya I hate to say it but the caps was the better team and they deserve to win but I still like the bruins
nah the bruins are okay they coud have won but they didnt try theyre best
ya who do u want to win now i want the Flyers
ya man im gonna add you to my circles man
Yea they didn't want the cup as bad as the Capitals, that I do agree with you, Brandon.
But I still wish they won!!!!
yeah that sometimes happens like i wishes the ducks got to the stanly cup
Ya it's just tht everyone expected the bruins to get as far as they did last year and when they don't then it is very crushing I figured out Thts y I cried!!!!!
Idk cuz I loved the goal by Tyler Seguin!!!! He is my husband no one take him!!!!!!!!!!!!!💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Thank you ^ Are you even a Boston fan, Brian, and Thomas is not racist.
So sorry the season is over my team was lucky and won the championship #gowestwood
One of the great players in the game
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