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thought I'd reshare, since I'm still getting notifications HERE.
I'm not "home" here anymore - haven't been for months. You can add +GenPink or +Elysa Ellis for current updates. (really wishing I could merge G+ profiles - since I don't check this account anymore)


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woah just logged in to my old gmail to discover bunch of random G+ notifications. if you're looking to contact me, please uncircle this profile and go to my new name/email/profile.


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In an attempt to change over everything to my new married name I have a new G+. You should add me/circle up/whatevs you wanna call it. 
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E squared!


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Hey #SXSW peeps - today (Saturday 3:30 at Intercontinental) come see +Tiffany Monhollon & +Mike Merrill talk about Local!
If you're planning sessions tomorrow, I'm speaking on local marketing at 3:30 at the Intercontinental downdown at 701 Congress! Details here, would love to see you there, and feel free to spread the word! #sxsw #sxswi #sxlocalchat


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Can You Tweet That? Social Media and the Law - +Dara Quackenbush #sxswi #sxnotes <-- notes from SXSW sessions

Tests of libel: defamation, publication, identification, negligence, damages
Defense of libel: truth, privilege, fair comment and criticism
- Organization & companies are considered public persons when it comes to media law
- In general as an employee or freelancer the company you work for owns the copyright to what you write during employment, find out about your company/contract
- Copyright protects individual work for life plus 70 years, corporation 95 years.
- Someone still owns the rights to "Happy Birthday" song - this is why the big chain restaurants, generally have their own version
- Fair use: you can quote from a copyrighted article but the quote must be brief relative to the length of the total work.
- If copyrighted material is used for commercial purposes permission is required. There is no fair use.
- the topic of @Pinterest comes up - copy/pasting entire posts into Pinterest is against copyright, linking to or quoting is okay. How much you can take is relative to the entire length of the article - by definition is needs to be brief.


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Are you going to be at SXSWi this year? What 1 event should we add to our must attend list?

SMCDallas people I know are going:
+Tiffany Monhollon , +Jennifer B , +Mike Merrill , +Kendall Shiffler , +Cameron Gawley , +Eddy Badrina , +Eric Swayne , +Colin Burns , +Christopher Baccus
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I will be there
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Elysa Rice changed her profile photo.

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I'm not "home" here anymore - haven't been for months. You can add +GenPink or +Elysa Ellis for current updates. (really wishing I could merge G+ profiles - since I don't check this account anymore)


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this profile can be uncircled... of course after you recircle my new G+ profile :)


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(source: MakeUseOf Geeky Fun - They should invent an Internet treadmill )


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SoLoMo Redefined: Next Gen Social Local Mobile #SXnotes
(speakers: +Chris Messina , +Matt Galligan , +Scott Kveton , +Jeff Rohrs )

- "My mobile. Is my extension of my personality. It tells me where I need to be, what i want to do, who I want to see. It's my second brain" - Matt Galligan
- "I think we are in an era of confusion, bc we are coming out a time that was defined by file types.
- What hasn't happened yet, is thinking about what group or ad hoc computing will be like, when the device is no longer the focus.
- I think the concept of privacy is going to go away. It's just happening anyway from the nature of devices.
- Touch-computing is much more personal, it's responding to you, creating a relationship, in the future that relationship will be more personalized
- There is a constant question about permission for customizations, on the other hand, devices are able to elevate the experience by getting the user's vantage point through that same personalization
- The pace of technology is quickly out-growing the speed in which laws can be created about it. Apps accessing address book, devices sharing photos without specific prompt
- We are seeing second generation of apps outside of "we need an app, so we can have an app"
- Privacy is in a negotiated state among an individual and their piers, the rules are still unclear about a friend's permission to share their friend's information.
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+Elysa Rice keep up the good reports. Thanks.
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