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Bob Diamond: Bankers must be good citizens. 3rd November 2011

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Dear Google. Your video definitely out-does anything by Steve Balmer. However, I would look way more cool wearing these than at least half of the team.
You undoubtedly know where I live, so please send me a pair of these specs.

No wonder doctors aren't speaking out about the NHS reforms. They're being gagged.
Kingston upon Thames

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Snow in Kitzbühel

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Couldn't have put it better myself (via @BenGoldacre on twitter). Pupils should be learning about computers, not how to write a letter in Word.

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Well, it said to re-share, so I did.

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We need much more of this type of infrastructure in the UK.
That's fully integrated infrastructure, not a crappy blue line by the side of a road.

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Stopped in Orange on the way back from St Tropez. I had no idea there is a massive Roman amphitheater here.
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