Amazing Hangout Party :)
Notice: the +1 skills shown in Pizza Pan

Such a wonderful moments to meet amazing Plussers in Real Life. Lovely personalities with world winning ideas. You guys are awesome. +ARIF BAIG +Rakhshanda Fawad +Bilal Akbar +Fahad Amir ( He is a facebooker and not on G+, I included him in the hangout to show him the magical powers of Google+. And he is so fascinated that he gona join G+ anywhere as soon as he reaches his laptop, SO PLUS 1 GUYS )

Where: Pizza Hut, MM Alam Road Lahore, Pakistan
When: 26th February, 2012 at 03:30 PM

Hangout Announced Here:
Date Announced Here:

Thank You +Google+ for being a platform to open the doors for people to interact, network and meet in real world to start believing that internet world is for Real. Just learnt that how to start believing. Special Thanks to +Bilal Akbar for keeping the HANGOUT SPIRIT and traveling all the way from Sialkot (a city famous for export of sports goods around the world) to Lahore (about 150 KMS)

Lahore is famous for its Historical Architecture build by Muslim Rulers before British Rule. Its one of the major cities in Pakistan also famous for its People, Food and Culture. Its famous that if you have not seen Lahore, You haven't born yet :) ,

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FYI: +Johnathan Chung +Carter Gibson +Jahangir Alam +Jaana Nyström +Bobbi Jo Woods +Peter G McDermott
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