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I art, therefore I exist.
I art, therefore I exist.

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An electromagnetic, socio-political film. The #Quantum revolution. The #Electromagnetics of #Politics.

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"For You created the world on Thursday so as to expire on Thursday, in order to test yourself."

#Philosophy #Atheism #Spirituality

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#Art 🔀 ▶
Balance is an inside job

Check out my website: +Creative Collective Synergy (CCS)

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Mutt is an excellent, open-source, messaging client that functions through the Linux terminal. It has good PGP support, it's fast, and can be customised to one's taste.

#Linux #CyberSecurity #Software

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When it comes to the rule of law, what constitutes a miracle? What is the truth about the impossible?

#Science #Society #Change #Evolution #Technology

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This is how #Vault7 is shifting the world.

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Is social congruence reality or utopy?   #Philosophy is  packed with dichotomies.  A good example is  logic vs. common sense. Even though we might understand the obvious in a particular situation (common sense), we might still not understand the details…

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My most recent digital creation.

You can watch my film "Television Code", here:
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