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Giacomo Sinisgalli
Broker, Auctioneer, Speaker, Author, Trainer
Broker, Auctioneer, Speaker, Author, Trainer

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Chris, nice post. whats the name of the social media hover button plugin you use?

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Real Estate Auction School Online Training Webinar - Earn the CREA Certified Real Estate Auctioneer designation by learning how to conduct a residential home auction or commercial property auction. Here's the link:

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If I create a Page can I share a circle from my profile with that Page? If so, does everyone in the circle get notified that they were added to my Pages circle? Are they alerted somehow so that there is a chance they might add the Page to their?  

Anyone know how to change owners of a community?

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This is a big list, but worth the read. Share with someone who might need it. 

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I'm seeing signs of sellers receiving multiple offers all over New York as well as around the country. How about you?  

Q: I'd like to do a virtual book tour using HOA. Any advice on that? 

Q: Ok so before I understood G+, up to this point, I had several G+ accts. all setup over a 3 year period and hardly ever used. Don't ask me why. I guess I just did not understand what I was doing. Now that I am making a commitment to G+ and have a better understanding of it, I need to consolidate under my new main acct. and start using Pages for my businesses, which I am in the process of doing. My question is this. I have an old G+ acct. that I would like to cancel and setup a Page under my new main G+ acct. I also want to link the YouTube channel from that old G+ acct. to the new Page. It is currently linked to the old acct. Also, I am not sure if it matters, but my new G+ acct. has a Page for a different business already setup and a dedicated YouTube Channel linked to it (which to my understanding each Page can have its own YouTube Channel now). Any step-by-step advice on consolidating, merging and setting up my new Page with linked YouTube acct. would be appreciated.    

Q: Is there a way to monetize or charge people to attend a google hangout? 

Q: What posts appear on my Page "Home" page as opposed to my "Page's" "Home" page. I mean how is that controlled? I see a lot of posts on my regular home page and none on my Page home page??? Confused yet? 
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