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Dirk Jan Nijhuis
Online Marketeer & Mobile Geek looking for a position
Online Marketeer & Mobile Geek looking for a position

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BMW short film The Hire: beat the devil  

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Lenovo komt in juni met 27inch tablet; handig als keukentafel

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Business Insider: Google+ is groter dan Twitter 

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A Custom Analytics Report To Identify Testing Opportunities

To get started with website testing and landing page optimization you need something to test. In the old days (2009) we would look for landing pages with a high bounce rate and test those pages.

But that's a very one-dimensional view of the world. External traffic sources land on different pages. And we need a better metric than just bounce rate. Let's also consider conversion rate to help us understand the impact of a landing page. We need a multi-dimension, multi-metric approach.

I created a custom +Google Analytics report that shows landing page, conversion rate and, if you're an ecommerce site, transactions and revenue.

Click here to add the custom report to your analytics account:

You can view the traffic sources for each landing page a couple of ways.

1. Start by adding a secondary dimension of source/medium (or campaign).

2. Look for combinations that have >30% bounce rate and low conversion rate

Or, you can click on the name of a landing page to view the traffic sources for each page. (You can continue to drill deeper and look at referring keywords as well).

Remember, change this report to include your specific conversion events.

Please let me know what you think!

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Back in 1967 an Adman called James Nelson made a film predicting 2017

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Foursquare Replacing Check-in Data for more API data, gamification element not engaging enough?

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Research shows that intimate personal attributes can be predicted with high levels of accuracy from Facebook Likes.  

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Landor's view on the future of agencies "Clients need help from communications professionals who get the whole picture" 

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