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Ms Sandra Moore, thanks for the review. Do you really have to "highlight" Emma feminism in your review?

I don't agree on some of your review. The master brought up in a spoiled and did not take action and partially blame the servants. Did you forget? His is a Prince, he is not just someone to be told like servants who served him. It is somewhat unrealistic.

The Prince's father - who is the King must have given everything to the boy after the loss of her mother. To make up or cover up the sadness, it is no wonder that Prince grew up in a spoiled attitude.

Second, Doing the right thing and stepping up. Have you missed the important details? The enchantress cast a spell onto the entire kingdom including to the town where Belle and her father lives. This is the reason why Mr Pott does not seem to remember his wife and his son-chip who lives in the castle and turned into a talking tea pot. This is why the town people do not remember the prince and his castle.

Everyone in town is doing the same thing over and over again.. as it is stated in the song.

Understand the lyrics of the song

Little town,
It's a quiet village
Ev'ry day
Little town
Full of little people
Waking up to say:


Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!

There goes the baker with his tray, like ALWAYS
The SAME old bread and rolls to sell
Ev'ry morning just the SAME
SINCE the morning that WE CAME
To this poor provincial town

Belle and her father was from france and they moved to this town ( after a plague broke from france- one of the causality was Belle's mother). Belle is a loner or depicted as bored as it is stated in the lyrics of the songs because everyone does the same thing.

The town people do not realize that something is wrong because they are under the "spell" but only Belle notices it.

Belle tries to do things differently and immerse herself with books. And because of this the town people sees Belle as different or odd.

What do you call about Belle teaching the child to read?

And Belle was not upset when the town people scattered her laundry onto the ground. She just picked her laundry and move..

There is more to the movie..

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