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Michael Bosley

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Nicolas Boileau and software development

I stepped casually on this old verses by Nicolas Boileau, from "L'art Poétique":

"So before writing, learn to think.

What is conceived well is expressed clearly,
And the words to say it come easily.

Make haste slowly, and without losing courage
Twenty times on the loom put back your handiwork,
Polish it non-stop, and re-polish,
Add sometimes, and erase often."

I cannot help but thinking this is all about software development (even if was written in the 17th century): design, refactoring, optimization, simplification... all is there ;)

FYI, original French text:

"Avant donc que d'écrire, apprenez à penser.

Ce que l'on conçoit bien s'énonce clairement,
Et les mots pour le dire arrivent aisément.

Hâtez-vous lentement, et sans perdre courage,
Vingt fois sur le métier remettez votre ouvrage,
Polissez-le sans cesse, et le repolissez,
Ajoutez quelquefois, et souvent effacez."

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Michael Bosley

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I wrote an in-depth article on accessing and modifying data in the upper-half of x86 and x64 registers. This is aimed at beginners and intermediates who are interested in the topic. I note and detail some fun instructions, like ROR/ROL and SHRD/SHLD. Hope you find it useful!
Accessing and Modifying Upper Bits in x86 and x64 Registers August 15, 2016. Through one's journey with x86/x64 Assembly, there comes a time where one might want to access or modify the contents of the upper half of a register — that is, the upper 16 bits of 32-bit registers, or the upper 32 ...
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Michael Bosley

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Knowing the hardware Memory cache CPU is not physically directly connected to the main memory. All random access memory (load and stores) on modern CPU goes through memory cache. When the CPU execu…
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Michael Bosley

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Very pretty hydraulic cylinder rigid body simulation movie using Bullet+Blender, thanks again for creating and sharing Phymec!
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I make video games. :)

My personal passion is in low level code, particularly in efficient parallel programming (e.g., lock-free) memory management, and data usage (e.g., I/O, data layouts, etc.)

At home I work on my personal game engine.  It's designed to be highly concurrent and not use any form of locks (mutexes, critical sections, spin locks) for thread safety.
  • Guildhall at Southern Methodist University
    Digital Game Development, 2008 - 2010
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