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Niklas Andreasson
Guitar player, writer and photographer from Gothenburg, Sweden
Guitar player, writer and photographer from Gothenburg, Sweden

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Review: Nikon P330 compact digital camera
It was evident after I sold my Nikon mirrorless and went back to the SLR that I missed having a compact camera as a complement to the big rig. My smartphone may be all right for throwaway Facebook snapshots, but nothing has been able to convince me that it ...

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Editorial: Apples vs. Oranges
I once had a dream about a computer that would just work, a machine that would enable me to focus on creating instead of administering CPR to a recalcitrant operating system or acting as the mediator between hardware and software that simply refused to talk...

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Review: Nikon DX 16-85 mm lens
The difficult thing with the 16-85 mm was the decision process. I had sold off most of my Nikon DX system, and the only remaining components were my D50 body and my SB-400 flash. Then I had an epiphany and realized just how much I missed a proper SLR. But I...

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Review: Nikon DX 35 mm F1.8 lens
The Nikon DX 35 mm F1.8 is a fast normal prime lens for the Nikon DX system, roughly equivalent to a classic 50 mm prime for 135 film. The 50 mm focal length has historically been one of the simplest to design, therefore it's been by far the least expensive...

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Editorial: The Normal Prime
The normal prime lens, or fixed lens, is one of the forgotten secrets of photography in this digital age. After 20 years of successful marketing from camera and optics manufacturers, we've reached a point where it is basically impossible to get a digital SL...

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Editorial: The Canon EOS 100D system
I was at first more than a little confused when Canon launched the EOS 100D digital SLR camera. The accompanying language seemed to stress the size factor: the smallest SLR, not much bigger than a mirrorless camera. The EOS xxxD series is so small and cramp...

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A year with Nikon 1
I am coming up on my first anniversary with a mirrorless camera system. A while back, I reviewed the Nikon 1 J2 somewhat positively. Has the idea of a mirrorless camera lived up to my expectations? I do like the small form-factor. It is unobtrusive and fair...

Nick here: Blackstar player since early 2011. I use a Studio 20 head for gigs and rehearsals, and an ID:30 for recording and the occasional gig.
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