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“The other order is that of the knights. These, when there is occasion and any war occurs …, are all engaged in war. And those of them most distinguished by birth and resources, have the greatest number of vassals and dependents about them ”. (Caesar. Galli...

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Does Our DNA Carry the Memories of Our Ancestors?
Sin saber nada de ciencia, estoy convencida de esto. Me alegra que las investigaciones avancen en ese sentido. Les dejo el link del artículo.

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40,000-year-old bracelet made by extinct human species found
In what is quite an amazing discovery, scientists have confirmed that
a bracelet found in Siberia is 40,000 years old. This makes it the
oldest piece of jewelry ever discovered, and archeologists have been
taken aback by the level of its sophistication. ...

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Why was a 9th century Viking woman buried with a ring that says ‘for Allah’ on it? In the modern-era, Scandinavian countries have become known for
their sometimes awkward embrace of migrants from the Arab and Muslim
world. But the history behind that relationship goes back far further
than you might expect. Conside...

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Bronze Age burial near Stonehenge discovered by badger A Bronze Age cremation burial has been discovered near Stonehenge after being accidentally dug up by a badger. Object...

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Excavation uncovers remains of high-status women at Stonehenge The cremated remains of 14 women have been discovered at Stonehenge,
challenging prevailing perceptions about the prehistoric monument. A ...

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Mystical Runic Inscription on Oseberg Viking Ship Reads: “Man Knows Little” The Runic inscriptions found written on the Oseberg viking ship have
caused many people to ponder about their meaning. The Runes can be read
both ways, but one interpreta...

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How to destroy gods
MEDIEVALIST.NET  In the year 1168 a Danish bishop destroyed three pagan gods. The story is told in Gesta Danorum , by Saxo Grammaticus, which has recently been entirely translated into English for the first time Saxo Grammaticus was a Danish cleric and hist...

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The astounding Bronze Age microscopic gold work from around Stonehenge
have revealed the process utilized by highly-skilled craftsmen to
create the magnificent gold artifacts that were found around
Stonehenge.  According to Discovery News ,
the gold work involved such tiny components that optical experts

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DNA discovery unearths 'unknown chapter in human history' in Europe 15,000 years ago
Scientists studying the DNA of ancient Europeans found evidence of a 'major population upheaval' at the end of the last Ice Age A major and unexplained population shift occurred in Europe around 15,000 years ago when local hunter-gatherers were almost compl...
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