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Within GOD ALL Things are Possible
Within GOD ALL Things are Possible

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Hipster Christianity vs. Real Christianity
1. The Hipster Christian believes that he is a sinner.  He believes that his life is a mess.  After all, we're all sinners, right?  He knows he is a sinner and either wears it as a badge of honor, or publicly flogs himself by constantly reminding others how sinful he is.

The Real Christian also confesses himself to be a sinner.  He has repented and abhors his sin.  He is ashamed of his old life and does not brag about how sinful he is, yet he will not deny himself to be the chief of sinners.  Since sin no longer defines him, he finds his identity in Christ.  He is pure in heart and to the pure all things are pure.  His delight is in the law of the Lord and in His law he meditates day and night.  He loves righteousness and hates lawlessness.  He hates every false way, and refuses to get off the paths of righteousness, the highway of holiness, just because he can.  If he falls, he gets back up, even if he falls seven times.  Yet he still expects to be rewarded for his righteousness, though he knows that he does not have as much as he would like.  Still, he knows that the fruit of the righteous, whatever amount he does have, are by Jesus Christ.

2. The Hipster Christian believes that Jesus lived a righteous life and died for the sins of men.  He lays great stress on the fact that Jesus obeyed for him.  He emphasizes the freedom this gives him.  He trumpets that he no longer must earn God's favor.  He says that this liberating truth will deliver him from all the external pressure of living up to an unreasonable standard.  He believes Christ's obedience so satisfied the Father that Jesus no longer cares how he  dresses, what he sees, what music he listens to, what he drinks or smokes, or about any mere externals, for God looks on the heart, he says.

The Real Christian also believes that Jesus lived a sinless life.  He affirms that Christ's death provides him with a righteousness he cannot earn.  Yet, he hungers and thirsts after righteousness, and, unlike the Hipster, he is filled.  He loves the law of God from the heart.  Rendering obedience is not grievous for him.  The Real Christian does not want to use the grace of God as a covering to hide in sin. He wants the blood of Christ to purge his conscience from dead works to serve the living God, and to cleanse him from all unrighteousness.  He pursues inward and outward holiness, not because he is a Pharisee, but because he wants to be like his dear Savior, and be conformed to His image.  He separates himself from worldliness, not because he is pressured to by tradition, but because God promised that if he would come out from among the world His God would receive him, and be a Father to him, and he would rather have his Father’s favor then the world.

3. The Hipster Christian believes in being "missional."  That is, he must make the Bible relevant so lost people will be saved.  This means he must go to the same movies, read the same books, talk the same way, and get tattoos and piercings like the world or else they won't listen.  Besides, he likes that edgy stuff anyway.  He must have enough worldliness to attract the world and not scare them off with that old traditional hymn singing, suite wearing, hell preaching Christianity that has long since  found its way to the "antique" section of history.

The Real Christian believes in evangelism.  He still believes that they must go into all the world and preach the gospel.  He believes that God will bless a holy life with success.  He would rather have God’s blessing than compromise.  He knows the way to win the lost is to be in the world, but not of the world.  He believes that the greatest Soul-Winner is without sin and separate from sinners, and that holiness draws people to God, whereas worldliness draws people to try to add God to their sinful lives.  He wants, as much as possible, to win sinners to God the same way Jesus did, by being harmless and blameless, circumspect and self-denying.  He wants to show them that Christ has real power over sin.  He does not believe that Jesus was a partier who hung out with sinners for fun.  His Jesus is too holy to be of such low character.  He knows Jesus did not come to man to party, but to seek and to save the lost.

The Hipster has created a new “Jesus.”  His modern, skinny jeans Jesus would easily mingle with the worldly church.  He would not judge them.  He would want them to feel comfortable just as they are, even if they are in a beer t-shirt.  The last thing their Jesus would do is make sinners uncomfortable.  In fact, he would probably put on a "Jesus is my homeboy" t-shirt to preach his sermon, just so they know He is cool.  The truth is, today's hipster Jesus could fit in well anywhere without offending anyone except the righteous, and Hipster Christians can fit in anywhere except into heaven, because there it is actually holy.  God does not need the current standard of cool to win souls.  He has not been cool for 6000 years.  His uncool Christians have offended people the entire time with their holy living and loving ways.  Real Christians have held that men must be born again, live a holy life, and separate from sin or they should not think they have begun the Christian life.  For this they have paid with their lives, their property, their back given to the whip, their homes burned, their cheeks punched, their blood shed, and they go rejoicing that is was all for Jesus’ sake.  But for some awful reason, now the Hipster must remake God in his own worldly image so people will receive Him.  The real Christian knows that if you do not repent and believe the same old "uncool" gospel that makes sinners holy, you will die and go to hell.  Then you won't think you are very cool.  Reject Hipster Christianity and be a Real Christian.
Pastor Troy Dukes
Grace Baptist Church

Please share this as many are already going down this path.
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Want a search engine that not full of bull and rubbish ?? and Mainstream media propaganda and lies , most of the time ??then why not try this one

Try this one Good Gopher ( I'm gonna see how much I like it )
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You know what right , in The UK in 1939 one would have been thrown in jail as a traitor or shot , the other we would have made war with !
Britain used to take no BS from ANYONE , it was a God Fearing at one time too.
We never served the likes of these creepos !
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Damb Good Idea here I think from all this Bre-exit Crap , whe havent taken any shit forom Europe before , in facrt we bloody well liberated Europe !! A general Election should be sought and If was to vote I would vote for UKIP
The stupid individual calls Theresa May IS GETTING In the WAY !

When Britain citizens voted OUT it was on OUT TEREM not those of Europe or anyone who Article 50' or indeed the Lisbon Treaty !

We could even kick our fake queen out ( who notably does nothing ) because no one has spottted , that she cant be a Monarch and a Citizen ( at the same freaking time !! )

GEEZ theis country !1 The bloody obvious is staring them in the Face !! WE VOTED FOR OUR LAWS BACK OUR COUNRTRY BACK and weed out chaff like Stupid boots Theresa May

And stuff the general Election even I say ,and let's get the bitch out !

Then install ( common sense ) in UKIP and Suzanne Evans then we can MAKE Europe talk to us on OUR OWN TERMS ...then THEY can accept , or sod off !
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You May Like to listen to The Ways of The Lord , or not , hope you have the time for The Lord , He has all the time in the world ..for you .
First live broadcast I have been in ....and whaddya know , it works :)
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Sovereignty & the Rule of Law

All are equal before the law - and the law is created by the people.

This Sunday will see the launch of the BCG's Rule of Law initiative which should become a mass movement to expose and burst the so-called Westminster Bubble. Our politicians have completely lost touch with our Jury-led Common Law constitution; many are completely insensitive to the plight of those less fortunate than themselves; and, most importantly of all, almost all of them have lost the ability to go where the provable truth is. Effectively, our elected representatives are working for the City of London, the central bankers and what is an insidious and seemingly inevitable advance towards Orwellian Globalisation.

Now many people believe that the Brexit vote to leave the EU has dealt a major blow to the globalists and their plans for us - don't believe a word of it! In a previous article I stated that I didn't trust Johnson, Gove, Leadsom or Farage - all of them are supporters of the City of London and Britain's financial services industry. They are supporters of the central and private banking system and the whole concept of creating money completely out of thin air as debt. And the last thing they are going to agree to is a quick triggering of Article 50 - they know that the process of leaving the EU will take between three to five years, enough time for new 'events' to happen which will frighten people into demanding that they stay within the 'protection zone' of the European Union. In my honest opinion a new Referendum within three years is extremely likely.

But don't despair, this may be their game plan but we are waking up in ever increasing numbers and there are two immediate solutions available to us to frustrate their efforts. Some good and honourable people are already promoting them.

The first, if you've not already done so, is to please sign this petition below which will force Parliament into taking seriously the letter written by Lord Kilmuir to traitor Ted Heath back in December 1960 when Heath was acting as special EEC negotiator to the then Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan.

Campaign for an Independent Britain - the Lord Kilmuir Letter

Petition for debate of the Kilmuir Letter in Parliament

The second is another petition which will help stop this chicanery dead in its tracks. It's very simple! As criminal deception and fraud have been used by the political elite, we simply use the Common Law of our country and force our MPs to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act.

Leaving the EU we joined Illegally

Petition to Repeal the 1972 European Communities Act

I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Sunday in Nottingham - the new movement in British politics will be the Rule of Law! Who will dare stand in the way?!


The conference will be held on Sunday 31st of July between 11AM - 4PM at the following address :

The Punch Bowl

214 Porchester Road



British Constitution Group ALERT
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Demonic Possession 4 /4 from Chloe
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