Some More Big News!

We really believe in both the power of sharing and collective knowledge as well as photography. It's for this reason that we launched a series of photography hangout masterclasses, the second of which is taking place on Wednesday, 15th February @ 4:00pm UK time, with MARTIN PARR.

One of photography's greatest powers is it's ability to transform the "common", the "everyday", and the "ordinary" into something extraordinary, unique and meaningful. In this Google Photography Prize Hangout Masterclass with Photography Experts - led by the internationally renowned and influential photographer, writer and collector, MARTIN PARR ( - we will discuss how photographers harness and use these transformative powers to their advantage, and how one can distill meaning, importance and creative expression from that which is all around us but which might otherwise go unnoticed.

To participate in this hangout masterclass just let us know how photography has made the ordinary extraordinary for you, and why you'd like to be involved in the discussion. The most interesting comments will be selected by Martin and +Aaron Schuman, and the people who submitted them will be invited to join this hangout masterclass!

To help us with these masterclasses the esteemed photographer, writer, editor, lecturer and curator +Aaron Schuman is on board to oversee and co-ordinate the program. Over the years Aaron has been a valuable contributor to a number of high profile publications, including ArtReview, Aperture, Foam, and the British Journal of Photography to name just a few. Additionally, he has curated several exhibitions, including one of the principal shows at the 2010 Fotofest Biennial (USA). Aaron has been working hard to assemble a top team of experts from around the globe to lead the classes, and we will be posting the details on how and when to join over the coming months.

Don’t worry if you cant make the hangout, we will of course be posting recorded highlights so you can catch up whenever you wish.
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Is this where we are supposed to comment? If not, I apologize.

I started getting into photography about 7 months ago, and am realizing now that because of my uptake in this new hobby, I have really seen the world differently now. I'll be biking by a building and think, "This building would look really cool if shot during blue hour." The other day I saw a sewage truck with amazing lights on the front, and raced back to my dorm to grab my camera and shoot it. And just a few minutes ago I noticed an amazing staircase at the career services center and stared for a few moments. The people working there thought I was crazy. =D

So photography has really made me notice all of the beautiful objects and scenes that I am constantly surrounded by, which is why I continue to shoot.
I believe that "The Everyday" is a concept which is dependant on the social. The Everyday could be a mundane experience for the individual depending in which everyday the person exists. It is a concept which consists of "differences". And if the subject(a person) is displaced in an everyday which is different, or in which he/she does not belong , then the everyday transforms from being a boring expirience into a new interesting, positive or a negative sensation. Photography gives us the chance to document these differences and present them to people and invite them to view the world, which encompsses them, in a more exciting way. Photography has changed the way I perceive" my everyday". I now see it as a different world.A world which is always evolving and changing.I would like to participate in the discussion because I am curious to find out how the other participants view the everyday.
I have been making a blog (photographic one) from last summer, and even if i say So myself Some of The photos that I've taken during this period Are very good.. I have always been a bit weird concentrating on The small stuff around Us that others don't necessary see..(but even more so after I started photographing my surroundings), now as a student I have to have breaks from updating the blog as I have no proper internet available at all times.. :/
And when keeping a photo blog you constantly take photos of everything and I've found this useful for getting better at what I love doing.. 
Our greatest gift is the privacy of our thoughts... but some thoughts are worth sharing... and when I click a picture which captures the emotions and ordinariness as it is in my thoughts, the picture becomes a part of me and a small glimpse into my thought process.... that is the magic of a photograph...
I believe in the little things in life that bring happiness. Small moments that make you smile for a second without even realizing it. I think those moments are all around us and sometimes a photograph is more than depicting an awesome place, or an unbelievable moment; it's also meant to remind us to find joy or sadness in the everyday moments. How else can one emphasize the feelings of a moment but by "freezing" it in time? This is why I take photos. To be able to remember the way I felt that particular moment, and to share that with other people. And that is why I would love to learn how to emphasize such moments.
I started with photography 3 years ago and at that time I felt that the best photos can be taken only at the best locations. I was oblivious to my surroundings because I thought there is nothing worth clicking. But one day I clicked a picture of a squirrel and I felt happy. I realised that photography is not just about taking photos, it is about our perspective towards life. It is how we look at things, our creativity and imagination. Photography has helped me find happiness in the most mundane of things and helped me become a positive person and so I would love to learn more about it as it brings out the best in me.
photography helps me to see the world with new eyes, it makes me want to show how the surrounding can be full of poetry.

When i arrived in Paris i had no pleasure to be here, i found the people and the subway rather depressing, everyone turning their back on each others.
But then i started to walk, i spent sometimes all my days walking in paris, and then i started to understand, as i took the time to walk i also had the time to simply observe what the true scenery of paris is.

Albert Renger-Patzsch said "the world is beautiful" and it's still true, we just don't take the time to see it anymore.
When I first started taking photographs, I was 3 years old, my parents had that old Polaroid camera, and I still have some pictures which were taken with it. But that was almost 16 years ago, and a lot of things have changed. Now, even when I take photo of something that is so usual and ordinary, I try to make it look like a treasure.

When I moved to Saint-Petersburg I was shocked by the fact that people do not mention the beauty of the city around them. But after a few months I noticed the same situation happening with me. How quickly people get used to the place of living, no matter how beautiful it is... And then I remembered that I have my camera! This is my chance to change the reality!

And this is why I want to participate in the masterclass. I want to change the world around me with my camera!
One of the most interesting aspects of a photographic approach in day too day life is the variance in how each individual interprets the given day and their environment. This combine with natural lights continuously changing interaction with a subject always keeps me interested in my surroundings - and if natural light won’t work with a particular vision/scene - there is always other options!
is there anywhere where we can find out when they are going to release the winners? or a date? time? something?
Wow. I'm really impressed with these hangouts. :-) I can't wait to see the recording!
Wer is the hangout?
its the time
Photography, for better or worse has changed my life at a fundamental level. As a photography student my days and nights are consumed by the medium. It is important to note that I love it and would not have it any other way, although my friends and loved ones may have a different opinion (I'm kidding of course they are all extremely supportive). I think in my case I make photographs of subjects that already have extraordinary qualities. I may be the only one that sees these qualities in the subject and it is my job as a photographer to try and share that with the viewer. I could talk about this for hours and regularly do with my fellow classmates here in Colorado. I would love the opportunity to discuss it further during the masterclass. Thank you for continuing to educate and promote emerging photographers here on Google+!


Geoff Ridenour
This hangout just didn't happen did it?
Will you be doing this every year?
i am waiting for the results ...when it will b coming out..??
when will they result come?
Will the hangout EVER happen?
i couldn't see my entry... can anyone help me to find out my entry
you know there are so amazing thing between us..just we need a special view for them..and one more thing is important that,,the tag line of that photo,i mean the thought behind that photo, which makes it special
But its quite tough to watch the special in everydays ordinary things..hence we need to think, yah we need to think about that special angle of photo,such that it exactly describe the thought of the photographer .
i think the special meaning with a special angle makes a ordinary thing in to extraordinary.
First Round:
During the First Round of judging, a panel of expert independent curators will evaluate and attribute a score to each entrant’s series of up to 8 Photographs made up of scores based upon the below-listed criteria during the period beginning on February 01, 2012 and ending on March 02, 2012 at 11:59 PM PT.
So, the judging is over. Who has made it to the semi-finals? Good luck everyone!
Not yet i dont think. But, the judging period was overfour hours ago though. Maybe we will get results later on today, or tomorrow?
any sign of result? how will we get notified?
I would imagine the Semi Finalists will be notified by email and the results will be posted on here.
the judging period hasnt ended yet... there are about 15 hours left... lets be patient :)
nice photos............
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