Some More Big News!

We really believe in both the power of sharing and collective knowledge as well as photography. It's for this reason that we launched a series of photography hangout masterclasses, the second of which is taking place on Wednesday, 15th February @ 4:00pm UK time, with MARTIN PARR.

One of photography's greatest powers is it's ability to transform the "common", the "everyday", and the "ordinary" into something extraordinary, unique and meaningful. In this Google Photography Prize Hangout Masterclass with Photography Experts - led by the internationally renowned and influential photographer, writer and collector, MARTIN PARR ( - we will discuss how photographers harness and use these transformative powers to their advantage, and how one can distill meaning, importance and creative expression from that which is all around us but which might otherwise go unnoticed.

To participate in this hangout masterclass just let us know how photography has made the ordinary extraordinary for you, and why you'd like to be involved in the discussion. The most interesting comments will be selected by Martin and +Aaron Schuman, and the people who submitted them will be invited to join this hangout masterclass!

To help us with these masterclasses the esteemed photographer, writer, editor, lecturer and curator +Aaron Schuman is on board to oversee and co-ordinate the program. Over the years Aaron has been a valuable contributor to a number of high profile publications, including ArtReview, Aperture, Foam, and the British Journal of Photography to name just a few. Additionally, he has curated several exhibitions, including one of the principal shows at the 2010 Fotofest Biennial (USA). Aaron has been working hard to assemble a top team of experts from around the globe to lead the classes, and we will be posting the details on how and when to join over the coming months.

Don’t worry if you cant make the hangout, we will of course be posting recorded highlights so you can catch up whenever you wish.
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