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Ryan G
The queen is in motion :)
as far as I can see it seems like white is winning.
Really nice photo
Have to say that this is clearly the best of the 10. May be I am getting old but some of them are just not in the same league.
Have to agree with Phil Willis. Though the hands at the swimming pool is second and the bike is third. The rest... look like vacation photos.
art is art, nothing is wrong! If you can do better you should try! Let us see your art!
For me all of the 10 are exeptionally good photographs. Every one of them is capturing emotion as well as feelings. This one for example is not just a colorful image with a chess game. In fact the game is not important.. whats important is the passion or the spectators, that's why they are focused and not the game!
The other have their emotion! And let's face it not all people get the arts, and it's not the age, it's just the time... Most of the great artists has become great after their time!
Brilliantly done. Either very patient, very lucky or very inspired. Very talented either way.
This is a great Pic. Wonder and Disbelief..ofcourse and other emotions. The question is who is doing the wondering and who is in Disbelief? :)
Master Class!
truly the best One among all ....
Every time I look at this picture, I cannot help but stare at the old man's opened mouth. Weird enough, that's what's attractive for me in it, it's just feels so perfect....there.
Tymek D
Great Game, Good foto :)
The perfect moment capture in a perfect shot. So full of expectation!
+Phil Willis don't worry its not that your getting old, this is definitely the best out of all the pics.
Completamente asombrosa. Muy buena composición
Good. Photo clearly reflects the inner feelings of the spectators. Left man expect the danger.Right pathetically see the danger.Great.I love this photo.
This is the only appreciable photo in the whole gallery!
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