'In pictures: Google Photography Prize Finalists' in the Independent
The ten finalists of the Google Photography Prize, chosen from among 20,000 entries by students from 146 countries, were announced this week.
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so if i'm in the top 100, when and how do i get my prize?
Its the dawn of the modern artists....... can stretch a meaning out of any out of focus picture ;)
for modern artists it was always a down. impressionists, expressionist, cubists...always a down of art. what about kandinskij...or even malevich? oh yes. they could stretch a meaning ouf of nothing.
I love Kazimir Malevich's work tho... anyway ,great photographs.
Me too of course. I just cant understand, how someone can say, that its a dawn of art, while talking about something that happens in the present.
? never heard that saying? Dawn is when you see the sun rising gradually. therefore, noticing more and more abstract, political photography, for me is a "dawn" of this, quite frankly, irritating modern art.
Ah. Okay. Maybe I see it in different light, literally.
i like what you did there ;) haha
those are real pictures! Nice work!!! did you enter? if so did you get anywhere?
Yeah I did...I don't think I got through..:/
What about you?
thank you for this amazing opportunity
I entered but I don't know if they were submitted properly, I couldn't hash tag them to the gallery group
hashtags werent the problem, I didnt add them to my collection too.
yup, thanks for the porn.........
and you for art ;)
some profound logic ;) thank you
+Isaac Feldman For the Top 100 finalists, we're working with our distribution team to send you your prize to the address you provided upon entering the competition shortly, thanks.
did anybody hear something? i'm starting to think well never get it...
+Michal Rohal no but i cant afford a DSLR so that's why i want it so bad. :)
some of us have to hustle to get our gear...
+Isaac Feldman gear isnt everything and DSLR or "mophocam" isnt the only option to do photography :)
I shot my submition with an iphone. I outgrew my mobile phone camera and I want to go pro in the next year. sadly, i cannot go pro with that gear.
+Isaac Feldman Thank you for being patient, our team is still working with shipping partners in different countries and it's taking some time to get all the logistics in order.
yeah i know, i apologize if i sounded rude. but this is a chance for me to get equipment that otherwise would have take a long time to get. ( for the haters, i won my iPhone in a design contest ) i do own a SLR but developing film has become too expensive and it too much of a slow process to progress in photography that way, at least today.
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