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Go Heavy in the Spring
This spring has been a weird one.  A few days of promising warm weather during
the week, is met by cold heavy winds during the weekend.  Some bass have started to spawn, but most are
waiting for the right time.  The past few
weekends I have been looking bot...
Go Heavy in the Spring
Go Heavy in the Spring

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It's been a while...
Well it has been a long time between posts so I’ve got
some catching up to do: 6.5 lbs early spring bass On
the Fishing Front: The winter Bass bite hasn’t been as epic as last year,
but we have still had some great days. 
Between my Dad and I we managed fiv...

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Early Winter Carp on the Fly
Looking for targets While it doesn't look like much, there are about 100 carp under the ripples. The conditions were perfect, the lake was smooth as glass
and I easily saw my prey at 75 yards.  I
quietly paddled into range and grabbed my 6wt. 
Two false cas...

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Summer Mixed Bag
Dog days of summer have settled in and summer fishing has
taken off.  Both saltwater and freshwater
fisheries have been producing consistently and I have taken advantage of
both.  With a good weather forecast, my Dad I loaded
up the Kraken and Cuda 14 and h...

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Back to the Saltwater
This year, I have spent most of my time freshwater fishing,
and it has been awesome.  I have had some
great days, but I could feel the saltwater calling me back. The saltwater scene
has been hit or miss here in VA but down in NC the bite has been consistent...

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Summertime Gar
42" Trophy Gar  Summer has arrived and now that I’m out of school, I
have been able to fish a lot.   The last
couple of months I have been thinking about fishing for gar, and now that I had
time I loaded up my Kraken and went gar fishing.   I saw several ga...

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A Few Hours to Kill...
Hooked up on the SUP School, soccer, work, and finals have kept me really busy the last couple of weeks, and I haven't been able to get out on the water in a while.  This Saturday I had a few hours before Prom, so I loaded up the SUPerFISHal and went bass f...

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Spring Time Trophy Pickerel
23.5" aggressive pickerel School is out for spring break and that means I have even more time to do some bass fishing.  The weather for my first day on break lined up for a perfect spring day, so I loaded up the Cuda 14, and went to the Suffolk Lakes.  I wa...
Spring Time Trophy Pickerel
Spring Time Trophy Pickerel
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