So new physical therapist says I'm too messed up to jump right into strength training---we tried it---along with me using the wheelchair much less right off the bat, and the result was that now I'm in really bad shape. I'm pretty sure I tore something or caused an internal injury in my abdomen just doing the isometric hip exercises. And if I'm subluxating all over the place and unable to sleep because of it, we pushed too hard. I need to build up a tolerance, my endurance before we can go back to real PT.

So the plan of attack is get my EDS GI symptoms diagnosed & under control. All new leg braces and a compression shirt. AFOs & a hip stabilizer. I'm going to order them tonight. Spend the next month not doing any strength exercises but wearing the braces and compression garment and doing everyday stuff as often as possible but with this limitation: one normal activity a day. Just one. A walk. One load of laundry. Not both. Load & empty the dishwasher, but no also cleaning the bathroom. Shoot for clips4sale but not for more than a few hours that day and nothing else.

I know some of my EDSers here wanted to see what kind of brace the hip one will be. I will post a link for you later. And pictures when I get it.

Now I'm going to crawl under my covers & try not cry. So much pain. Can't eat again.

Talked to my friend Katie who's VEDS today about our strikingly similar issues though hers are far more advanced than mine. Katie hasn't had solid food in 4 years. She's too fragile for the surgery to correct her hiatal hernia (her stomach is inverted and encased in her esophagus) or to have a G tube placed. She's also avoided a nasogastric tube. Her doctors say she should be dead but you see willpower and adrenaline keep us going.

Willpower and friends.
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