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This is a thing.

It's pretty awesome.
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From an upcoming feature with my D&D girls, Charlotte, Laney & Connie. Photographed by Darren Eskandari/Paradox Productions
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+Adam Thornton +1000 dude, keep it real.
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For my Autistic friends and friends raising Autistic children I #boycotautismspeaks
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So so awful
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An eloquent analysis and summary about a lot of the drama lately.
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Will read the post later, but the art and layout is damned gorgeous! 

Way to go +Zak Smith and +Jez Gordon !  I can't wait for this beast to come out.
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This is, according to twitter, kids being taught to swim in a 1920's British schoolyard...

Or it's some terrible Call of Cthulhu ritual.

You decide. 
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#ehlersdanlos #gastroparesis update:

(Please skip if this part of my life is uninteresting to you, believe me I understand why it would be.)

It's time I ask my gastroenterologist about us getting me a PICC line. (^^ that's explaining PICC lines.)

Lots of EDSers end up with them, though it was honestly not something I thought I would need. With my problems with feeding intolerance I was hoping if it got so bad a J/G tube would be enough.

However I've been rushed to the ER twice since May via ambulance, and 3 or 4 other times this year, needing IV treatment. (Last night/this morning was ambulance.) Averaging an ER trip every 6 weeks, roughly.

My fragile immune system can't cope with the frequent hospital exposure, and really it's a very simple treatment protocol I need. So why not get me set up for in-home acute care? And it totally sucks pulling all the tape & sensors off with EDS skin that will come away with the adhesive leaving me with extra niggling little wounds all over to heal.

The need at this point isn't going to go away, a PICC line would be a huge asset for my surgery recovery & feeding options (they can do TPN during my hospital stay--since we already know I won't be able to have solid food after my surgery for awhile).

At home with a PICC line I could self administer IV fluids, anti-nausea/vomiting meds, and the only pain medication (IV toradol that's effective (and I'm not allergic to) for the times my pain levels hike up past my usual 6-9. (On a 10 we go to the ER only if other additional symptoms are happening, like violent vomiting or stroke or hemiplegic migraine symptoms.) A PICC & the ability to self care at home would be a massive relief. It would also help me prevent getting as bad as I've been getting so frequently.

Sigh. Shit's getting real.
(A note about the photos, the bruise & tape damage pic is from the first attempt to get my IV line in failed & the vein blew. Another unfortunate EDS quirk is that we have very fragile and wiggly floppy veins
with vein valves that collapse. That one that blew was my go to IV & blood draw vein for the past few years. It's only good for blood draws now & maybe not for much longer. The ones on the backs of my hands and wrists were used repeatedly during my childhood & teenage hospitalizations & ER visits. They all collapse. Last year they tried again on the back of my hand and it went so poorly my nurse gasped, covered her face in her hands, and ran off to get a different nurse to get the line in elsewhere. It isn't like I don't explain it all to them too, I'm not gonna let then go poking at me blind. Luckily last night my nurse was really excellent and took a long time feeling for a vein that would hold up. She told me to tell them for next time to feel for the same one too but explained if it's got an IV in it more often that once every two months it'll end up unusable too.) 
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I'm sorry to hear that, but it's understandable. When Arthur had a central line in the hospital they just wanted to take it out ASAP because of the risk of infection. I hope you find a better option.
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They said my wheelchair will be here on the 28th!
Thanks again everyone who helped out!
I'm donating my old one to the local women's shelter. 
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+Mandy Morbid Love the pink! Very cool that it comes in color options.
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Mandy Morbid

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More Call of Cthulhu pictures from Twitter
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Thank you.    I loved this game growing up.
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Mandy Morbid

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+Kira Magrann

Hey Kira I just wanted to say thanks for hosting the current discussion.

We may not agree but I appreciate being able to give my point of view.

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Yeah +Kira Magrann
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And here is a picture of Sean Connery with a kitten just because.
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Aww! Cuteness overload! That looks like the happiest kitten ever.
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Mandy Morbid

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In other way more fun news here's an interview I just did for EveryJoe where I talk about porn, feminism, Ehlers Danlos & living with disability, and geeky stuff.

New photoset included, non nude, with my friend Vera Baby from Toronto! We had a lot of fun. Photos taken by Axe cameraman & sometimes home campaign player D23/Darren. 
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+Mandy Morbid Blah. It all sounds really rough. It's impressive you haven't let it wear you down. Hopefully things start getting better for you when it comes to your health. (Or as better as they can be.)
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Also apposite, more old blog posts:
"This must be our task In Heav'n, this our delight; how wearisome Eternity so spent in worship paid To whom we hate. Let us not then pursue By force impossible, by leave obtain'd Unacceptable, though in Heav'n, our state Of s...
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Yes they're real.
I'm Mandy, I'm a nude model based in LA. I am 29 years old and I have Hypermobility Type Ehlers Danlos Syndrome but with lots of overlap with other types and when not modeling and not playing games at home I am covered in braces and use a wheelchair. 

I like science fiction, art, comic books, books in general but especially Zak Smith, Martin Amis, M.John Harrison, Jack Vance and Jean Paul Sartre, videogames, Doom Metal, neuroscience, traveling, tabletop RPGs and you may know me as Adria on SuicideGirls, you can also find me as Mandy Morbid on and Stagg 

My tumblr is Not Safe For Work:

 Oh and I have a blog I've been neglecting lately but I'll get back to that eventually;

I played the cleric Tizane on our D&D show I Hit It With My Axe. Yes my boobs really are natural.

I've been dating the artist, author and adult performer Zak Smith/Sabbath for the past 7 years. I did a handful of adult movies myself back when I was healthy--Mandy Candy directed by Kimberly Kane is my favorite.

I have a Twitter and Facebook but I am too lazy to provide all the links right now. I am NOT on Deviant Art or any other site not mentioned here.
Bragging rights
Grew up a sick kid in the hospital all the time and am a stronger and more self aware person because of it/am an autodidact/proud girl gamer and love any chance to twist and writhe naked for someone's camera/used to care for severely medically fragile and special needs kids in fosterhomes/know and sing along to Mordin's version of "Modern Major General" when I play ME2/Own every episode of every season of every Star Trek series excpet for the awful "Enterprise"/Met Leonard Nimoy on my 23rd birthday/Have Tie Fighters tattooed on my hip/Have a pink Tie-Fighter and a pink bedazzled Klingon Bird of Prey and Millenium Falcon hanging from my living room celing.
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