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Tips when installing a used Automatic transmission.
1 Always make sure you change the filter and fluid. I know it sounds like common sense but people forget.
2 Always flush your transmission cooling system that means both lines and coolers attached to the radiator or external ones. This is the most common reason transmissions will fail a second time. The reason is the fluid in your tansmission lubricates/cools all the gears and clutches inside. When your transmission goes bad pieces of debris from the indside of the transmission get stuck in the coolers and lines and go right back into the newly installed transmission causing it to fail again. This is probably the most common reason a transmission will fail again.
3 Make sure all your sensors and plugs attached to the transmission are good they can cause the unit to shift hard or not work at all if they are dammaged or bad.
4 Replace all the seals so there are no leaks after the install. There are useually 3 to four of them.
Follow these steps to help insure the replacement transmission works the first time. Even if you do not put it in yourself make sure to ask your mechanic if he followed those steps he should answer yes if he doesn't get a new mechanic

There is an easy test to tell if your altenator is bad and it only takes a couple of minute. Start your car with then remove the negative battery cable if the car stalls the altenator is bad or weak. Remove and install a used one should fix your problem. Just a friendly tip from your friends at Jack's.
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