Okay, I've got an idea that I'd like to share around. I have to credit +Laura Lawrie for inspiration with what she's been doing to get her chamber music hangout going.

The Loople+ Project

Here's what I'd like to do:

I will set up a G+ circle containing all participants. Each participant will submit an original sample or loop in .wav format. It can be electronically generated, recorded, manipulated, taken with a microphone suspended in your toilet bowl, whatever you want. The only restrictions I would make are:

The sample must be your original work. Do not provide clips from other people's media, copyrighted or not.

You should be willing to license your sample and any resulting products under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike terms: see

The sample should not contain profanity, racial ethnic or sexist slurs, etc. Let's keep it civil, people.

The sample should be no more than 10s in length, should be recorded at 44khz, and preferably be stereo.

Once we have a large enough collection of samples, we will all build pieces of sample-based music using only the submitted samples. When we're done, we'll host a hangout and each contributor can present and then we can discuss his or her composition.

If you're interested, comment here and I will add you to my circle of participants. I'll be setting up an online storage site for the samples and derivative works. Please feel free to reshare this post, but if you want to participate, please make sure you're commenting in the original post or I won't necessarily see it.
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